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  • Any engineers out there?


    Need some dimensions for a Uni project. Cannot easily find them online, may only be available to those who have access to these items (technical data that comes with them etc).

    1. The dimensions of a 450kw bucket wheel reclaimer gearbox

    2. Dimensions for a 400kw motor driven pump

    I need the following:

    (a) The conformal surface area which is comprised of:

    Height, width, length of reference box, and the sound measurement distance from the box

    (b) The RPM rating

    Help much appreciated.
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    I might be able to help with part 2. I'll have a look at work tomorrow and see if I can dig up some specs.


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      That would be fantastic thanks dude.

      References would also help a lot, as I really have to justify where I got the info.
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        you wouldn't be doing the chem eng design project at Curtin would you?
        you should be able to find the RPM from the pumping specs you have calculated. if you know you need a 400kW drive then you know you fluid flowrate and should be able to pick your model from the pump curves.
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          or get in contact with any company that build/operate the above plant, have them send of the spec sheet to you...


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            Dude, look up SEW Eurodrive.

            They have an application that will allow you to look up the specs of all their gearboxes.

            Decent sized pump. What's it for (water, slurry, etc)? Might be able to tell you a specific manufacturer then. Eg, Lot of the slurry pumps I have seen are WEG and I seem to remember that they have a program with all technical info, downloadable somewhere.
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              Nah not chem, mechanical.

              Noise analysis is all, predicting the sound power levels. Unfortunately specs are a bit hard to come by.

              But will look up SEW cheers.
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                I got a few pump selection programs here from my last job at ITT. I was spare parts manager for WA, like 14 weeks ago, then went on a holiday to sit on my arse and watch ONE digital for a living. LOL

                Flygt only do a 90kW in the ones I dealt with, but Im sure the 3300's are larger have bigger motors. I can check it out. Flyps is the software for that. I also have the Robopart Robot pumps parts list. Otherwise just call a sales person there and hound them. Our sales staff spat the dummy so much with students calling them for information... but they put up with it and gave out info =)

                Just give fake name in case you go work for them later LOL
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                  Thanks for looking into that.. any luck? I contacted ITTflygt but haven't got anywhere just yet.
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                    You won't get anywhere with them in any quick time. I argued that I needed an assistant but they had headcount restrictions. So I had to do $5mil worth of sales on my own and run their whole WA spare parts with stupid idiots in the warehouse making so many errors, I just gave up. Been unemployed 14 weeks now and loving every minute of it =P Seriously. They can keep their $28ph. Omg I miss that money so much. But it will come ten fold when my businesses are setup. So will your's when you have your degree, all the best.

                    Try maybe Dynapumps also, they have good customer service generally.
                    Advanced Pumps are the Lowara agent and they might have something to suit.

                    Grundfos are your better bet though. 400 kW Grundfos S4 4008 E6 - I think this is an older pump, however they should have access to the data still.

                    1/7 Marchesi Street
                    Kewdale WA 6105

                    Sales & Technical Advice
                    Telephone: (08) 9353 4595
                    Facsimile: (08) 9353 4596

                    Let me know how you get along with them.
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                    Just sync the oil changes with her monthly cycle and get all the grumpyness over with, leaving the rest of the month clear sailing.


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                      Hmm they don't do pumps that big. But they said ajax or warman might.

                      edit: rang ajax too. Nope. But they do a 200kW the guy reckons is of similar size, may just fudge it and use that lol I can't be bothered ringing around much more.
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                        I couldn't find any 400kW pumps, sorry dude. The biggest we've used is 250kW.


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                          No worries mate. do you happen to have dimensions of the 250 kW pump?

                          I'll just fudge it and go with those lol
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                            Originally posted by zed7fiddy View Post
                            fudge it
                            if you have 400kW- specify a nominal pump efficiency say 40% and nominal line velocity of 2m/s

                            specify head you are pumping against- height plus friction specify pipe line distance and material and number of bends

                            calculate estimated flow rate

                            from flow rate at 2m/s comes line diameter

                            from line diameter comes pump outlet, the inlet will depend on the outlet and can vary from manufacturer

                            scale the 250kW pump to the 400kW pump based on discharge line size



                            i suggest you are looking at a 14/12 (which is to say 14inch inlet 12inch discharge NB )

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                              Cool thanks. That'll do nicely.
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