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Recommend me some share management software

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  • Recommend me some share management software

    So, I have manged to accumulate a small portfolio, currently sitting at 6 stocks, with the intent of increasing in size.

    What I would like is a recommendation of some software to manage my holdings in an easy manner. My profile is not a day-trader - more a buy/hold investor, but I would imagine that there is some pretty nifty programs out there that will show how my holdings are doing, and generate appropriate reports for my accountant.

    I'd imagine that this could be done in excell, but if I could pick up something for $1-200 then i'd probably go for the purchase option.

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    For something free and easy, with a good portfolio manager, check out Hubb Investor. Does Aust., US, Canadian, etc etc, options warrants with free data.



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      I believe the AFR smart investor mag is doing a deal where you get free software with a new subscription to their mag. Check it out.