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  • Unofficial iPhone App Thread

    Ok Peeop what apps can't you live without or are so kewl you have to share.

    For me I downloaded MotionX Lite GPS app.

    review here motionX GPS lite -- NaviGadget

    Now this isn't a turn by turn GPS app, rather its a navigation app.

    It shows tracks, course etc, which can overlay onto Google.

    But the really cool thing is the it records things like Speed, Av Speed total time taken etc. It also lets you upload into Google Earth.

    This is great if you want to share some of your favourite roads with people and *cough* time taken etc.

    All you have to do is hit start track at the start of a road or hourney, then stop at the end. This is then saved onto the phone and you can share via Twitter, Facebook or Email.

    This is perfect for discovering new Country Run roads or FNR routes. You don't have to remember exactly where you have been.
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    Ahh yes I used to have something similar on the N95 (sports tracker). Very handy, I'll give it a go. There's another app thread lurking about though....

    At the moment I like HeyWAY, especially good if you've got mates with iPhones, and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Also having fun with Airmouse (paid but RemotePad does a similar job for free, just not as polished.)

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      Google App
      Facebook App



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        Bargainbin- searches apps that are on sale. It also allows you to "watch" for apps you're interested in with push notifications. It's free btw.
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          I have the full version of Motion X and love it. I use it mainly to track dirtbike tracks in the bush and its fantastic.
          Another one I use is iFitness. Great way of logging your progress and you can graph your results over a period of time. There are also heaps of routines and photos of exercises.
          The latest one I got is Pocket Weather AU. It has a live satelite feed so I can see if its raining up in the hills before leaving home with the dirtbike.
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