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  • ebay payment question

    hey guys, earlier i posted a question about how long its ok to hold off on a payment, well my pay has come through and im trying to pay through paypal because of the buyer protection warranty, but im getting an error message saying:
    "The seller cannot receive payments through PayPal at this time.
    Please contact the seller for other payment options."
    what other safe options of payment are there? i dont want to send off my money unless its safe.
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    Email the seller and ask them how long before they accept paypal again, as it it your preferred payment option.

    Just recently had to use the buyer protection, and it worked well.
    Purchased a fairing which was sent to me with only one layer of bubble wrap as packaging.
    Broken in transit and the seller said not their problem.....
    Raised it with paypal and got a refund
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      I thought eBay recently made it compulsory for sellers to make PayPal as an option for payment?
      Either way, email the seller and let him know something's wrong with his account and you only want to pay with Paypal. If he's changed that since you agreed to purchase the item, it's his problem, not yours.