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  • Bluray ripoff

    So I'm looking at setting my PC up for bluray. Already got a great 5.1 sound system, looking at a monitor capable of 1080P and a bluray drive, which are going to cost me $250 and $150.

    I started looking at bluray discs, and got a little shock. Seems they go for around $45 each here. I had a look overseas, and other countries are a lot cheaper. Buying online from the UK or US seems to come in around A$20 - 25 (without delivery). No wonder everyone is into piracy.

    Does anyone know of anywhere in Australia (online or otherwise) that can do that sort of price? My first thought was JB, but their site says $45-$50, haven't looked in store yet.

    Failing that, what sort of region issues am I going to run into getting them from overseas?

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    The local market is a rip off. Fuck them.

    I've used these people before. Reputable, reliable, and even with the longer postage if you order before release you still generally have the titles before they come out in Australia - in some cases even a day or two before official US release date: DVD Pacific - Buy New DVD Movies, HD DVD and Blu-Ray discs

    Haven't bought Bluray, haven't really bothered much with them... However friends have, and I've yet to hear anything about region issues.


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      From what I've been told, blu-ray has region codings, but it generally isn't activaed on discs yet. Anyway, we are the same region as Europe, so anything from the Uk should be ok.
      Blu-ray Disc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      But just keep in mind the whole blu-ray live thing. when you insert a disc, it can call home, and then the copyright owners can control your machine by 'enforcing' and overwriting the machine firmware. Blu-ray Disc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Personally, I'd wait for the first Chinese machines to appear. As happened with DVD, the original machines were locked down fairly badly, until the floodgates opened with region-freed and cheaper units
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        barfy- I think NanoBear is thinking more something along the lines of this:

        PLE Computers Perth, Online Shopping, Computers, Notebooks, Hardware, Service and Repairs
        Product Detail
        LG GGC-H20 Blu RAY / HD for $199 @ NetPlus - Cheapest Computers - Perth Western Australia

        The Pioneer in the first link, from PLE was the cheapest example I could find. The other two links are their main competition, and the cheapest they have. Most of those three should price match if you aren't near a PLE... As for Pioneer: I originally bought their DVD drives because they didn't region lock the firmware, only software, so it was easy to unlock them completely. Not sure if that's still the case with Bluray.


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          yeah, good point, forgot he was talking a drive for PC
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            Yep, the pioneer is the one I'm looking at. That bluray live things sounds kind of quasi-legal. I'll have to watch out for that.


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              I have standard DVDs that are region 1 because, when I bought the movie, it wasn't yet available in Australia. I had a non-region specific DVD player. One of the things I looked for when buying a blu-ray was this same feature. My Samsung just needed to be turned on, a code entered, turned off and viola! Non-region.
              Pretty sure computer hardware can be the same.
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                i've got that pioneer blu-ray drive in my HTPC. i've used blu-rays from other countries no probs, dont think its locked down.