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    Just wondering if some one could maybe help me I am running windows vista on my pc and at the bottom I have my internet icon after about 20mins if goes from 2pc with the world glob being local and internet access to just local area access and I cant surf the net I then have to reboot just to get on but that cant be good for thepc rebooting all the time I have both service packs on the pc as well could it be my net work card or could it be my modem not being compatible?
    Any help or ideas would be great....

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    Maybe some fullstops? Seriously, that was hard to read.

    1) Do you have a router, modem or wireless dongle?
    2) Any other devices on the same network and if so, do any of them have an issue?
    3) Try and update any drivers
    4) Do you have a software firewall, and if so, is it getting in the way somehow?
    5) Have you done an AV and Malware scan?

    etc etc etc..



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      had this with xp. got a new AV program, and it cleared the problem
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        I have a normal modem/router not wireless
        I've updated my drivers
        firewall isnt getting in the way
        nothing else connected to pc
        done both AV and Malware scans
        so has me stuffed right now


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          check the lease time on the IP

          does "ipconfig /renew" get you internet back up?
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            I have had the same issue in Vista 64 with a Netsys Wireless card, it was just the hardware\driver crapola and would lock up and nothing you did except a reboot would get it going, if you tried a repair it would just hang forever.

            So I just went and bought another wireless card (tplink) and it never missed a beat after that.
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