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Party Lighting and control, (laser/strobe/dmx ect)

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  • Party Lighting and control, (laser/strobe/dmx ect)

    Ok so now im chasing up some lighting for a decent powerful party set up.
    at the moment all i have are some coloured floodlights and a 20 watt strobe from the dick house (no homo)
    Is anyone experienced in this area? I have a few questions:

    Whats an adequate amount of power on a laser system, and how many tunnels/what colours should i get?
    Im looking at a 4 tunnel RGY 260mw setup for about 300 on ebay
    What about a strobe light? is 1500W too powerful for my kinda setup?
    and finally how does the DMX512 or DMX controller work with this stuff, and is it worth getting or should i just set them all to sound activate/auto?

    sorry about so many off-topic posts on this forum but its the only forum i go on and its got such a broad community and lots of help, thanks again guys!
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    Are we invited to the rave?

    If it's going to be a once every couple years thing you might want to think about hiring them out instead.
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      nah im moving into it as a second job, i got a few offers for 18ths and stuff and ive done a few so far people like the music i play haha
      prob will get used every second weekend or more
      i already own some gear and am more than happy to do a party for free or a carton of beer or something if you know anyone and its my kinda age/music/people
      wood for life? wood is life.
      Originally posted by thro
      i only squid it when riding pissed.


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        DJing parties is good fun

        The cheapest and most effective/popular effect is a rotating mirrorball. A couple of different coloured pinspots will really set it off.

        Jaycar have a couple of laser effects, and I saw one there for under $200. If you go in and have a look, the guys will probably set one up so that you can see it before you buy. And once you get the numbers, it will give you a rough idea of how powerful the others will be.

        Don't forget that, with strobes, there is a legal limit to the amount of time that you can run them for (due to epilepsy).

        Also, a smoke machine is good, but a dry ice machine is much better.

        Rope lights are also cheap and effective, and UV lights are almost a requirement.

        With DMX, it depends on what your budget is like. You can get a cheap 4 channel controller new for around $200, but because it's not programmable, you're going to spend most of your time running it, and not much else.

        With strobes, it's probably better to get a set of 3 or 4 linkable strobes. They will give you better floor fill than one big one, as you can spread them out. And in smaller areas, you can easily cut down to 1 or 2.

        Have fun, and good luck!
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          i ended up buying a 1500 watt strobe with adjustable speed and brightness, dmx compatible - 100 bucks
          and a 4 tunnel 300mW RGY laser with independent drivers, 15kpps scanning for 400 delivered!
          should all arrive here early next week..
          let me know if anyone wants to have a bash on the ns7 or is willing to let me try out for a party or something, im learning but learning fast
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          i only squid it when riding pissed.


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            You sound like your on the right track...
            Start off with set to sound activate, but be aware of where you put them - they can be prone to reflection and ghosting, especially if you have a Cop Bringer bass machine! :p
            See how that goes before getting the DMX - my 2c

            If you want a forum to ask the serious players - inthemix
            or if you can brave it... Teknoscape
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              All good advice here so far,
              wouldnt worry about dmx for the gear you are talking about.
              like people have said you NEED a smoke/fog machine, that with some moving(LOTS o different types for all budgets) should have you just about set up.

              the lazers are nice, but without smoke a bit of a waste.

              if you wanting to buy anything else pm me, i got contacts for just about all of it.


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                i already own a smoke machine..
                wood for life? wood is life.
                Originally posted by thro
                i only squid it when riding pissed.