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    Question for the runners or generally fit out there.

    Anyone had any experience with Newton Running Shoes. Good or Bad

    For those who dont know, they are a running shoe designed for forefoot impact instead of heel impact. See Newton Running - Run Better.

    Apparently they are good if you are trying to run using the POSE method
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    I love the shit on that website, honestly

    Firstly let's deal with

    Striking on your forefoot is the most natural way to run, it is also the fastest and most efficient way to run
    No, heelstrike is the most efficient (energy wise) way to run, that is why when we walk/jog/run we heelstrike. It's the core of bipedal evolution we do shit THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT WAY. Toe strike is horribly inefficient but is excellent for making the plantarflexors work more which = faster toe off gait which = sprint. We toe strike for sprint because we supply extra power but you may note the longest athletics sprint is the 400m, in the 800m even people are heel striking. If toe striking was more efficient and better dont you think they would be doing it already?

    Secondly the concept of "shock" being sent up the foot to the knee joint. Entirely true, that's why the heel of the foot is made up of two largish bones calcaneus + talus, they transfer shock up the tibia/fibula to the knee joint where the BENT knee and large quadriceps can absorb the impact. Instead they are suggesting you strike with your forefoot/toe region which contains smaller, finer and even sesamoid bones which are far more likely to be prone to damage. On top of that the reality is when you toe strike you barely take any force, force is applied as weight is switched from the swing to stance leg, so now with a toe strike your leg is in a more vertical position when you finally land on the heel, resulting in more force being applied directly up the tib/fib through the knee and up to the hip. Changing this angle means the quads will have less ability to act upon the knee joint which means less shock absorption which will result in more wear on the knee and now, also, the hip.

    Rough wrap up, it's really bad for your efficiency, toe strike is only awesome for sprinting OR for those about to sprint, ie: jogging down a rugby pitch toe striking so you can quickly move into sprint mode.


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      Originally posted by Infusi0n View Post
      I love the shit on this website, honestly (fixed)

      No, heelstrike is the most efficient (energy wise) way to run, that is why when we walk/jog/run we heelstrike.

      If toe striking was more efficient and better dont you think they would be doing it already?
      Obviously you were born or evolved with a pair of Nike shoks on your feet.

      You try and heelstrike while you run barefoot at any speed and we'll see how far you get.

      As for the original question about Newton shoes I have not heard too much about them but you should check out the POSE website it has a good list of recommended shoes to POSE run in.

      Chi running is another variation of the "barefoot" running technique.

      Crossfit Endurance founder Brian McKensie is coming to Perth to hold a 2 day running and endurance seminar on 24 & 25 Oct in The Cell CrossFit Running & Endurance Sports Training Certification The Cell Brian is a level 3 Crossfit & POSE running coach. Expensive but worth it.
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        What is a level 3 Crossfit & Pose running coach? Is this a nationally or internationally recognised competency or is it an "inhouse" thing?

        I am not doubting the guys credentials as far as an athlete but am always dubious about qualifications. Hell, I could have a Bachelor of Medicine in Brain Surgery from the University of Bumfarkistan but that doesn't mean I am a leading academic in that field.

        Once again just interested in the qual...never heard of it.
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          POSE running was developed in the Soviet Union in the 70's it's an efficent running method that improves performance and prevents some of the overuse injuries commonly found in "normal" gait runners.

          Crossfit Endurance is method of basically covering long distance events with minimal high intensity training instead of the old long slow distance routines.

          They are both on the fringes of the fitness industry but slowly and surely people are starting to see the results and benefits from both these types of training.

          Personally I used the Crossfit Endurance method for the City to surf Half Marathon and even with 2 arthritic knees and the absolute minimum of running I knocked 15 mins of my best ever time.

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            Good two sided article from the New York Times

            The New York Times > Log In
            This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time


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              Fair enough and a good article (nytimes). I don't run barefoot, especially not in road conditions. I don't doubt that you will need to toe strike to slow the advancing limb down and reduce the shock delivered to the feet that a heelstrike on bareground would provide. I am more bitching out two things A) that toe strike is more efficient in terms of energy usage, when people say "efficient" in terms of gait then they are/should be talking about energy requirements and That the long term injuries are reduced in using POSE strike method as opposed to heelstrike.

              Personally i enjoyed this article
              Runners do not push off the ground but fall forwar...[Sports Biomech. 2007] - PubMed Result

              Which basically said that pure heel strike leads to injuries and that pure toe strike (POSE) does .. pretty much the same thing.

              I also really appreciated the following
              Some trainers think the reduced injury rate associated with pose running is in fact due to the emphasis on running basics and running drills. The strength gained by basic running drills helps make running what it should be: a sport of speed and grace.
              And that makes a lot of sense, how many people are paying attention to running style in heelstrike/normal running vs learning an entirely new system.

              End result of article: Mid foot strike, shorter strides and higher cadence are appropriately the best methods of running (in theory) according to a highly referenced scientific article.


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                I should add, if people learn a new system and it cuts down on injuries (because they actually pay attention to form) then more power to it, I would just rather some more science behind the system is all.