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Do I need 3 phase power for my new house?

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  • Do I need 3 phase power for my new house?

    Building a house, i have been informed that 3 phase power is recommeneded for a house and installing aircon and running all the appliances etc without over loading.

    my house will be around 250sqm, i'm not getting aircon installed immediately,

    can 3 phase power be done later or after?

    will probably cost 1000 for the builder to do it.

    I know i should be talking with the builder about it now, but, i'd like a second or third intelligent opinion (already googled some info).

    do your houses have 3 phase, or does single phase cope fine.

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    I really wish I could help you with the decision, but all I have to say is make your decision before the electrical side of your house is done. I think that switching from single to 3 phase would be a bit of a nightmare to retrofit your house. Personally I would look at paying the $1000 rather then get pissed off when you keep having blown fuses cos your running too much stuff in the house.

    But then again thats a laymens POV talk to a sparkie and they will be able to fill you in about if its a good idea or not etc.
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      Do it during building...

      Win Win....

      Its worse changing from single to 3 phase later on.
      Not to mention the darn cost involved.....


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        I have 3 phase in my house but it is an older place. It also gives you options to put in 3 phase bore pumps etc. If you have been offered the option then take it as it will cost you a lot more later on.


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          Yep do it now!
          cable run ito, different DB, and then the retrofitting will be WAY more than doing it now.
          also you could run out of max demand running later a propper AC unit of single phase, a swampie is not a propper AC, it is a moisteriser and bacterie spreader


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            ok, it's decided, 3 phase power goes in!

            i dont intend on running a workshop or any bores, its a inner city home, but it would be nice to run refrig aircon rather than evap. and it seems like retrofitting is no go



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              I think maybe you need to think what you are going to be running. Nowadays, there aren't even many machines being made that even require 3 phase power. And as far as aircon is concerned, you should have no problems running fully ducted reverse cycle in a 250m single storey house.

              Not to say that theres anything wrong with three phase power and not trying to argue with the lads above, but... If you aren't planning on having some serious juice being pumped out, then you'll be going overboard.

              I'm the admin manager for a building company building medium to large double storeys, and a lot of our houses have fully ducted reverse cycle installed with single phase, then still have enough juice to run spas, pools, workshops etc. (even car hoists! in one situation )


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                The only need for 3 phase would be workshop stuff.
                Not worth the expense IMHO.


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                  ^^ whs.


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                    Inner city house eh? Minimal gardens and no shed. Shouldn't need anymore than single phase.

                    Only time I have seen a house exceed it's maximum demand on single phase it was running 2 ducted splits and 3 wall splits (read cheap ass older style reciprocating compressor aircons), workshop, pool, 2 spas plus all other house hold shit. Cost em $3k to upgrade to 3 phase with a 45m consumer mains run (semi rural property).

                    New inverter aircons don't draw a high startup current. If your that worried about your aircon go speak to an aircon guy with a set of your house plans and ask him what he would recomend installing.

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                      all that being said, if its only a grand? fuck it... why not?


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                        We're getting it in our house, was only $560 extra though.
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                          $1K sounds an awful lot of money to me.....I put it in my place 10 years ago, but I live in a semi-rural area and will have shed/pool pump/bore/body refrigerator so it was worth it.

                          Actually, just checked my paperwork, the variation to get 3 phase and DB was $400 - including about 40m of cable back in '99-2000, so maybe it isn't too far off the mark.
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                            Hands down.


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                              Don't even worry about 3ph for aircon unless you're talking a BIG double story. Even then 9/10 times you'd still use single phase.