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Need help cutting up a video.

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  • Need help cutting up a video.

    So I have a video of the MAD ride .. Problem is it is 1.3Gb / 40 minutes long. I cant post it to youtube or Facebook for these reasons. So what I need to know is how do I cut it into sections so I can link the 3 or 4 different videos rather than trying to find somewhere to load it as a single monster file ? Or is there somewhere that I can load a video file that big ?

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    Would anyone want to really watch the whole 40 mins???

    I would suggest you edit it to a highlight package for Youtube of 3 or 4 minutes... and then burn to DVD for those whoe might want the whole thing, or put it up as a torrent for people to download themselves.


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      Avidemux (Avidemux - Main Page) - will cut, paste, squish it, change it...doesn't make coffee but does damn near everything else...