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    Hi guys.
    I'm slowly writing and uploading short and relatively simple and easy to understand investment, money management, business etc articles onto my site. Just thought I'd post them as I think it may very well be useful to some members, if only to get people thinking about there finances a bit more.

    Check them out... YourWealthWatch Articles

    If anyone has topics they'd like to see written about please feel free to let met know, and if your a keen finance whiz and feel like writing one yourself, please let me know. Fresh content is always welcome. Can't garauntee it will get posted on the site but who knows.

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    Thanks mate, will have a read
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      Perhaps a guide to choosing car finance? I'm lucky that I know what to look for but I know a lot of people that choose the wrong product as they really don't know what they're doing. One example is a friend who bought a car with a loan term of x years, got a payrise and wanted to start paying it off quicker but it was a fixed repayment sorta thing and he got slugged early repayment fees etc.

      To simplify what I'm saying, just a guide of what to look for, and how to look past the interest rate and take everything into account. This could obviously be expanded to mortgages.


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        Nice idea Polony. Maybe I'll expand it to personal lending in general. Although I'm personally not a big fan of borrowing on such a depreciating asset, I'm sure I can get one done...


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          dont finance a car.
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            Sometimes the situation is that you have no choice, not everyone has ridiculous levels of cash on hand, so a guide on how to make the best of a crap situation could be positive.

            The golden rule with poker applies here too. "When you win, you need to win as much as possible, when you lose, you need to lose as little as possible. When you lose as little as possible, you can still consider it a win".

            Taken from david slansky, Theory of poker(in my own words of course).


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              try and avoid the loan situation for as long as possible. save money.

              if you do have to get a loan, maximise your repayments. or you may end up in a situation where the car is worth less than the principle amount.
              Need your suspension tuned? See Marty MOOSE! | Need something out of the ordinary? See Gav (GD Engineering)!


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                Just uploaded another article...this time on transactional banking. Should be beneficial to most people, that is if your not already using the strategy outlined.

                Check it out...


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                  Thanks for the link Jiggyjigs, will get someone else to read them for me

                  The 'Read more' under Investment Articles and the first one under Super links don't work.


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                    You are a legend Stoneville. Thanks for the heads up...stems from a change in domains recently.