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  • Parkour + Tricking

    Well decided to put up a thread about one of my past times as it's relevant for the "Health and Fitness" community.

    Any questions feel free to post, I've tried to answer as much as I can about each of the disciplines with the shortest amount of words possible, but can elaborate on request

    About Me:
    I've been training Parkour for just under a year with a small group with in Perth, the sport is starting to become a lot more popular now and we are running structured classes to assist people with an interest in what we are doing. Over this time I've dropped 10kg off my body mass assisted with the stunts/chase scenes for a movie helped out with a documentary on the sport, completed a "Parkour photoshoot" and made some really cool friends.


    What is Parkour:
    Parkour was designed by a bunch of French military guys to improve efficiency when traversing obstacle courses or in a battle scenario. Parkour is all about movement and flow and making it from point A to point B in the shortest distance and time possible in the most efficient way.

    It's a lot of fun and combines all body muscle groups lots of balance and a sense of adventure.

    What is Free Running:
    Free Running is much like Parkour but is more about the "flare" aspect of the sport. It's about running and jumping off stuff but at the same time performing a 540 backflip scissor kick to impress your friends. *hey ladies*

    What is Tricking:
    Tricking is pretty much 100%, it’s all about flips twists jumps and crazy stuff you only usually see in the movies.


    Parkour and Freerunning Australia - The Australian Community for Parkour and Freerunning



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    always been interested but too injury prone.

    how do you think an almost 30, once elite athlete, but now a rusting, glandular fever affected, cardio challenged has been would go picking it up?


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      video of you?
      I could get into this.... I used to freestyle ski before i moved to perth. 540's ect.


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        PBF: There is only 1 way to find out! There are 2 or 3 guys over the age of 30 that regularly train with us, and have not injured them self. It's all about conditioning the body to be able to do the movements and not just throwing your self off roof tops

        MattyA: I link failed, it was just to generic search for Parkour and not any of my vids.
        Search for "Perth Parkour" or the username "optic4ce" and you will find some of the content.
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          parkour and rugby sevens are going to be my means of self mutilation this summer


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            Where do you train?

            How much does it cost?

            Easy questions to start with.
            "I don't care if you wear a plastic bag, filled with bubble wrap then zip tied at the neck for crash protection"


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              if you do a PSB search on "parkour" you'll find many threads already



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                I'm keen, I have a bungish knee at the moment but when I was playing around with Parkour/tricking a coupla years ago I had a ball running around in West Perth on many an occasion I learnt a coupla tricks: hand-spins on rails, that thing where you run at a wall, plant your hands and kinda flip over your hands, kong jumps and back-flips (still hard off the ground but I was able to do them off wheelie bins and stuff no probs). Since then I have become a little bit fat and unfit but am working to fix that
                Originally posted by Koola
                Someone sig this.


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                  Originally posted by GSXRossi View Post
                  parkour and rugby sevens are going to be my means of self mutilation this summer
                  with interests like that you must be a half interesting guy I can't wait to go to Hong Kong again to watch the rugby 7's

                  and Parkour is uber cool unfortunately, no sport for an ex-dancer with pins in her ankle anymore


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                    Where do you train?
                    I train all over the place, mostly in or around the city, some times Scarborough and also Garden City on Sundays.
                    Current Schedual is:
                    Monday: Park down the road, more running and cardio than Parkour but I do mix it up a bit
                    Tuesday: City starting @ esplanade traino @ 7pm, usually 5 – 10 people
                    Wednesday: Vital Gymnasics 7pm (tricking, free running mostly)
                    Saturday: Structured Classes in the city (out front of museum) 2:45pm
                    Sunday: Garden City or Scarborough 10am

                    How much does it cost?
                    Vital Gymnastics is $10 per class
                    Saturdays are $10 per class (first class free) $10 goes towards insurance and the APA I don’t get paid to teach
                    Every other day is just come as you are and learn something new, I’m usually around to teach basic technique.

                    Dubs: I did a search but don’t like thread necromancy so figured and amalgamated thread with all the info might be better

                    Murley: We don’t expect people to go out and jump off stuff they are physically unable to do, if you want to come along, just start on small objects and work on technique and then condition your knees over time. You don’t have to be a fitness super star to start out, it’s all about progression. With tricks like wall spins and turn vaults you would have no issue picking it back up.
                    I can currently trick, J-step gainer, back and front flips, butterfly kicks only been “tricking” for about 2 months so far.

                    Zooyork: Ouch! That sucks :/

                    ps. I'm not training tonight coz I needed to clean the house
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                      Originally posted by zooyork View Post
                      with interests like that you must be a half interesting guy I can't wait to go to Hong Kong again to watch the rugby 7's

                      and Parkour is uber cool unfortunately, no sport for an ex-dancer with pins in her ankle anymore
                      Jealousy over the 7s!!! Lol Im a sucker for anything rugby, bikes and since I saw parkour a couple years back Ive been keen to try it. . .
                      Only as interesting as ones interests :p


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                        i saw a video of this and totally wanted to get into it, I've always wanted to overcome these obstacles and also roam around areas on unintended paths, it gives you a different perspective of objects and spaces. But the biggest obstacle for me is fear. fear of breaking my legs or not landing a flip or something


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                          ^ They would start you off on easy to do mortal stuff Im sure. Just give it a go, you never know how you will go until you try.

                          Its better to try and fail, then never try at all.

                          It sure does look awesome


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                            Himalayan Heroes W E B S I T E , F A C E B O O K

                            Perth Cafe Racers F A C E B O O K


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                              Sounds cool
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