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How the camera makes a difference.

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  • How the camera makes a difference.

    Because of the last weekend activity and consequent liberal use of Digital foto equipment a bit of a patern has been detected.
    The DSLR is by far the best tool to have and the added features of different lenses and stabeliser programs making the use of it just so much better.
    Still with all the different programs and setting one can choose,mistakes are inevitable in the "heat of the moment"
    And,... there was plenty of "heat and excitment" wherebye the camera setting went out of the brainscan and pushing da button to cature the moment was foremost.
    Myself switched my choosen personal settings of and went back to a more "Auto" setting.
    This made the pictures turn out better.
    Practice makes perfect and I like to do a whole lot of practice!
    Overall I am very pleased with the little Nikkon and the relevant lenses I have with it.
    The VR feature is just a lifesaver!
    The 55-200mm extra lens was realy very handy to get that better shot esp. outside in the stunt area.
    I was next to a proffesional and he had a 400mm aimed at the action, wonder what his pictures were like?
    In the end result it is clear that the more you are familiar with your equipment and having the right sorta gear helps achieve the best possible end result.
    Looking at some of my misbakes, I shudder and know I need PRACTICE.
    p.S. Nath; you are very flattering and you are more than welcome to all my "creations"
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    You got some great pic Bert, i will arrange to get a DVD of you soon for the MAD archive.


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      one day ill splurge out on a dslr.....

      one of the fellas that takes pics for us caught angus,s eye...
      (matty mingays cameradude)......angus couldnt resist asking to have a hold of his dslr..
      a pro nikon with 600mm lens...was pointing it into the apartments over the road fromthe convent centre...reckons it was awesomeness......and still a fast lens for its size..