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Obscure power scheme question in windows 7

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  • Obscure power scheme question in windows 7

    Got a bit of a curly one I haven't been able to work out. Presumably it involves changing a couple of registry values, but I can't work out where to look.

    With my laptop currently being my only computer (OS = windows 7 x32 RC), I find myself using 3 different power plans depending on where I am at the time. Switching between power plans is a snap as long as you only use two. You just left click on the power icon down by the clock and up pop your two most recently used options. What I want is to have three options pop up there so I can pick from 3 instead of opening the 'more power options' window to select the third option. Any ideas?

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    ^^ no idea, i know what you're talking about. its annoying, because commonly on a laptop you want 3 - high performance, balanced, and max battery life.

    my work around is to not bother using "balanced" at all.

    If i'm on battery, i typically want max life - if I'm not, I just use high performance.

    But yes, its annoying, and yes, its exactly the same in RTM (which i'm currently running)..
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