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  • Australian Communication Network Pty Ltd

    Anyone here had anything to do with this mob? I looked into them a while ago (2004) when they were in court with the ACCC but were cleared. I won't touch them but a relative asked me for advice before laying down her hard earned cash and it seems now their legit?

    Anyone know the in's and outs?



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    No web-site, the first two google picks are to do with legal action.....

    I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.....
    Dead Man's Hand
    Internationational Porter Protection Group
    Just call me Pat


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      Spooky timing!.. see here....

      Same theory, same tactics/speil, almost willing to bet my left nut its the new AMWAY, just with a different product range.

      They way to make money with these things is to get in early. (And if anyone is thinking of joining now, its already too late .)

      On top of that, firstly, you also have to be happy with the end product yourself.
      Secondly - you generally have to be happy making money by having people under you working hard and not earning any money and/or losing money. If you are at all thinking of putting your friends and family in that situation... good luck in life!


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        Here's a sales pitch video sent to me. Hmmmmm

        Dodgy much?