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Autogeek wanted: SAE J1939/ISO 11898-2/CAN

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  • Autogeek wanted: SAE J1939/ISO 11898-2/CAN

    Our dive club boat just got a re-power, we now have a couple nice 200 horse suzukis on the back.

    Sadly, there was no fuel management or engine hour counter setup that came with these and we do kinda want them.

    Apparently the engines are spewing out this information plus a whole lot more on an NMEA2000 bus, which turns out to be an SAE J1939 rig (with the differential multitap 120Ω 1Mbps bus) with a swag of custom PGM codes. NMEA2000 uses specific connectors etc to keep things standardised - but these connectors are pretty standard jobs and easy to source anyway by the look of it.

    What I'd like to do is play with either a PIC or AVR (probably the AVR) which is CAN equipped and try and set up a basic LCD which can sit on the dash and just read out these numbers.

    But before that I need to suss out the PGM codes (NMEA only publish to members who in turn have to buy specs, etc).

    And I need something which can emit the codes so I can test this little guy.

    Does anyone here have experience with J1939, better yet, anyone here have any toys which can talk on it - eg J1939-USB converters with some kinda software?

    There are cheap ones available on fleaBay but they all seem geared toward the car stuff (OBD2) and I have no idea whether they'd be compatible.
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