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Short term rentals? (Your place)

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  • Short term rentals? (Your place)

    Anyone rented their place on a short-term lease?


    Was is worth it?
    Did the real-estate thieves agents hit you up with misc hidden charges?

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      I've done it before.

      Obviously its going to depend entirely on your situation. I mean, if you've got to go rent somewhere else while your place is rented out, then clearly that could be a problem, depending on what you can find.

      If you've been living in the property then your going to have all your stuff in there and for a short term rent your probably not going to want to move everything out. So that means renting it furnished, which risks damage to your stuff, but on the other hand, probably slightly higher rental.

      When i did it with mine, it was for 2 months to a mining company, for one of their foreign execs to use while in Perth. I felt that renting to a big, well known company may give me a better chance of getting paid immediately if anything was damaged or if anything else went wrong. All turned out great and the rent I got was probably 60-70% above the normal residential rent i would have got. I was able to stay at a mates place for the couple of months, and the few grand i got in rent made the hassle worth it. Having said that, if it wasnt so easy for me to move in with a mate, I wouldnt do it again.


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        Surely it comes down to the specific situation. It can go great, or it can be a headache.

        If you have an honest tenant who has their life together they will respect the place no matter if the lease is 3 months, 6 months or 2 years.

        If you find an agent with integrity, talk to him about your specific needs, and make it clear what you are looking for in a tenant, the chances of it going smoothly are much higher.

        Likewise you could find a tenant youreslf. Maybe try putting an ad in the Quokka for your rental property, it's like 12 bucks but I've heard they are very effective
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          i just moved back into my house after renting somewhere else for a bit and the rental companies differ.

          honestly dont go with the cheaper options that look like they ll save you money because the rental managers dont do fuck all and i mean that. if something goes wrong on your property and unless its gas,water or electricity nothing get done and you don t get told about it til you move back in.

          plus you have very little say in who they use as a maintenance person who charge like a wounded bull.
          Eg. a water pipe blew on my property and they sent out this bloke who put pipe rapping around the leak and charged $500 for call out and "fixing the problem".
          when i got the property back i used some one else and it only cost 200 to replace that section of pipe properly.

          the tenant asked for security screens i agreed to it and figured they had been installed 3 weeks after ward as i got he bill for it 6 months later i get a call from said company to gain access to install these screens and recieve payment for them. nice little kerfuffle there with the property manager.

          in my option pick up a lease agreement from the post office and manage it yourself. less headache and no fees that range from 10-20%
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            agree and disagree. It's your property so you have a say with the property manager, they ask you how much they can spend without your approval, my answer was NIL. My fees were also negotiated and i managed 7.5% and also reduced inspection fees. There are plenty of property managers out there, so get the best deal. My current rental property is managed by myself but only because I landed a dream tenant. Pros and Cons on both sides.


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              ^^^ of course negotiate, but keep in mind that cheaper does not necessarily mean better. You get what you pay for to an extent. Sure, a good property manager is a good property manager and always will be, but if you pay someone well, they will be more inclined to do that little bit extra for you, rather than just the bare minimum required to get their fee.

              I dont know, but I've not had any problem managing it out myself, but it really depends on your knowledge of the system and how much time your prepared to set aside to deal with shit.