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TM Lewin: 4 Shirts for 100 quid.

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  • TM Lewin: 4 Shirts for 100 quid.

    Standard offer of 4 shirts for GBP100 but til the end of today, a further 15 pounds off.

    T.M.Lewin makers of men's shirts, suits, ties, knitwear, accessories and womenswear
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    cheers for the heads-up.

    This is a great deal guys. I've just put my order in.

    I was in London a week ago and the order i've just made will be delivered here and end up cheaper than what i paid instore.


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      Re: TM Lewin: 4 Shirts for 85 quid. Ends today (28-9-09).

      The extra £15 off deal has finished but the standard 4 for £100 is still going. Shipping is £17.


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        I'm always reluctant to order clothing online because of sizing etc, but i've been into these guys stores before and so I know what fits me. So I grabbed the 4 for 85 quid deal the other day.

        I havent tried their suite on, but i have seen them and was pretty impressed. Given the price you can grab them for online, i'm seriously tempted to get one or two.

        edit - one thing to remember is that you pay less than the price you see on the screen because they deduct VAT cause we're outside the EU.


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          Re: TM Lewin: 4 Shirts for 85 quid. Ends today (28-9-09).

          Yep, I ballsed the measurements on my first order unfortunately but won't have that problem again. If you measure up properly you should be fine. I was an inch out on the collar.

          They have quality gear though.


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            if you do order wrong sizes, they will take them back and exchange, but you obviously have to pay the postage back to the UK.


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              Christmas specials out now. Just got the brochure in the mail today.

              Plus additional 10% off everything until this coming monday. I'm going to grab another suit as with the extra discount you can get one for about 170 quid, which is amazing for their quality.


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                Thanks for this, I'm looking to get a few more shirts.


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                  Just cleared the c/c ... Damn you!

                  Might have to just get some knots or something.


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                    thanks rhino just saw this thread.. cheap stuff!


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                      oh.. and anyone buying stuff off that site should type in "TMPD59" or "CFA" in the promo code box when checking out to save a few more pounds/$$


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                        This one's on Shmoo mate.


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                          Just another heads up for a TM Lewin sale.

                          The offer lasts until the end of Feb and is; any suit for 225 quid, with a free shirt. Bearing in mind that the rack price for their suits is 500 quid.

                          Promo code for this offer is TMSU2.