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L-39 Albatros - The ultimate big boy's toy?

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  • L-39 Albatros - The ultimate big boy's toy?

    The other day I was browsing some online aircraft classifieds checking out how much warbirds are going for these days. To my surprise, one of these can be had for around $300,000 (half the price of a new Cessna!), and as low as $100,000 if you buy directly from eastern europe (complete with live ejection seats);

    Here's one in action;

    [ame=]YouTube - L-39 Albatros Jet Ride[/ame]

    Imagine the fun you could have in that thing?

    I'd consider buying a share in the future, with a few people involved it could be a cost effective proposition. The biggest cost of course is consumables such as fuel - at a maximum power setting the fuel consumption is 1475 litres per hour, though on average it'll use around 600 litres per hour. Private owners have stated that the total running cost after purchase is around $1200 per hour, including insurance, hangar costs, maintenance and fuel. A bit excessive? Yes, but it'd be worth every cent with respect to the performance imho.

    I'll let you know when I get one

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    I know a guy buying one in Port Macquarie. He also has a couple of NZ BAC Strikemasters. I'll probably go fly in it with him when he gets it. (will post vids)
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      I'd like to get my hands on a CAF F86 Sabre one day. If any last that long.
      Otherwise, F-5E.


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        Sweet. I know there are a few of them over east. There's a third share available at the moment for $100k;

        Australian Warbirds Association

        I'm not sure if the runway at Jandakot is long enough, basing one at Busselton would make more sense.

        Breyten - I'm pretty sure there's an F86 undergoing restoration at Panama Jacks in Jandakot - beautiful aircraft.


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          There is one in Perth Jandakot its owned by whats his name Chuck or Bud or something, the old guy down there that has all the aerobatics planes, next to the aeroplane company down there.

          It flew around at the redbull air race in 2007.
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            Originally posted by Breyten View Post
            Otherwise, F-5E.
            I wont one too !!!!
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              The Sabre would be nice, but it would cost heaps to have buy a running one, and more to maintain and run.
              F5E still have plenty running and parts available.


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                There are a couple of mig21's floating about too aren't there? (not in aus)


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                  NZ is the country that has loads of this wonderfull gear and a BIG well run airshow to show it off.


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                    Yep, and some 19s.

                    I missed out on free tix to the Temora air show this year. Had show tix, but no cheap airfare to get me over there.


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                      must go visit one day
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