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Piracetam, Oxitripitan and Modafinil

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  • panic
    have tried the modafinil (Alertec branding), its pretty much as per the descriptions online i.e. its didn't feel like a stimulant, but you've got no chance of sleeping. no side effects i could determine, but it was only used intermittently, and sparingly.

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  • infernale
    started a topic Piracetam, Oxitripitan and Modafinil

    Piracetam, Oxitripitan and Modafinil

    Do any of you lot use any of the above?

    Modafinil is script only, but I am interested in knowing about any side effects in comparison to Dexamphetamine.

    If anyone uses Piracetam and Oxitripitan, or 5HTP more generally, where do you get them? have you noticed benefits etc? I know there is a nutrition section etc, but none of these have anything to do with weight/muscle/fitness etc. Nootropics

    I am considering using one of, or all of the above, hence the request for infos.