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  • Canon G10 - Review

    Just got a Canon G10 camera and am pretty happy with it so thought i would do a quick review. Was so close to getting a DSLR but after playing with a few and checking out the features (was looking at the bottom of the range DSLRs) decided to go for the G10 (size and features was the main draw card). I wont go into too much detail as you can read a full review here

    Canon Powershot-G10 Review: Overview

    Bottom line - This year's G10 proved to be yet another successful model in this category. While I was a bit disappointed at the loss of a few features from it predecessor, the G10 performed very well and all of the new additions. If you are one who isn't quite ready to jump into the dSLR world, but wants one of the most powerful and easy to use digicams on the market, look no further. With excellent image quality, speedy performance, loads of exposure options and manual controls, I have no problem giving the Canon PowerShot G10 a very high recommendation.

    RRP = $800 I got mine from internet (Camera house store in Melbourne) with Ozzy warranty for $680 delivered - ordered on wednesday morning and was delivered lunch time the next day.
    Build quality is great - first thing i noticed - metal everything (almost).

    The basics:
    • 15 mega pixels
    • 5 x optical zoom
    • Lots of accesories available (have 2x tele converter on its way)
    • Battery life is great
    • RAW image files + jpg
    • Manual zoom using jog wheel + button for precise focussing once your 90% there (i like this feature as non DLSR manual focusing has always been a tricky skill to get right)
    • face detection
    • std quality Video

    I was impressed at the quality of the images with just using the auto mode. here is some examples;

    This photo was the one that my other point and shoot cameras would have completely failed at being half in the shade/sun and i thought the canon handled ok on Auto mode.

    Good website for acc...

    Lensmateonline - Canon PowerShot G11, G10
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    Was wondering what you used to take those photos from your falsebook post. Definitely look better than your standard compact shots.
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      Pretty good for a compact


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        nice camera and nice photies,ive had a g2 and still got a g5 - great cameras


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          I gotta G10 too but has been sitting in the box for about 6 months. :o Still gotta get the SD card. Looking forward to using it in a couple of weeks time when I go on holidays. Got the underwater camera housing for it too.


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            What am I missing??? The newer G11 goes backwards to only have 10 megapixels???

            Also has a smaller screen, though to flip out which is very handy.


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              Canon Powershot G11 | Canon Digital Cameras | Ted's Camera Stores

              I thought it may have a bigger sensor but they are the same size... I think the theory is less pixels more room for each pixel hence better quality. That's why a 10 megapixel dslr will out perform a larger megapixel point and shoot (smaller sensor).


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                yeah its interesting to see what Canon have done - there were a few reviews that thought in some ways the g9 with is less MP count was in some ways a better performer