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    Getting my wisdom teeth out nxt friday under local aneasthetic.
    Was wondering if anyone has any comments about the procedure (i.e you had the same done and it was fine, or should have done it knocked out, etc). Thanks!!!!
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    Four under local, was fine.

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      Personally, I am a huge pussy and I would need to be knocked the fuck out.

      I hate the dentists, apparently the nerves in my moth aren't in their usual place so it takes forever for the local to kick in, at the school dentist I had 5 of the needles and like 2 of a stronger anesthetic in a little gun thingo before my mouth went numb, they thought it was a bad batch of anesthetic.... my mouth was numb for like 2 days lol.
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        Local's fine and cheaper if not impacted.


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          I had four out, under general, all impacted...

          Wasnt so bad overall, fairly painful but not unbearable, got some good drugs to take home. Couldnt eat real food for a while.

          Free icecream when i woke up ^_^
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            I was knocked out. Had it done when I was 15. But all was good Mouth hurt like a bitch for a day or two tho and none of mine had actually come through yet and werent allowed to


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              Yer, will probably just stick with local as only 2 teeth being pulled, and only one is still under the gum. Now to find a way to mash steak for dinner =). Thanks for the posts
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                I went under general to get all 4 out... i wasn't told i was going under general so assumed local. woke up, started hyperventilating cos i didn't know what the fug had just happened (hadn't been under general before) and thru hyperventilating, bit the inside of my cheeks that were already swollen from the op... took forever to heal. My story is prolly not helping you, however, despite the local/general anaesthetic confusion, the surgeon was top notch and my recovery was swift... I think I had it done on a thurs/fri and was back teaching on the monday, albeit with a pretty bad lisp To this day however, I still have trouble eating pumpkin soup... i lived on it for about 5 days
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                  Don't eat any tic-tac's for a while after......


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                    Two under local.

                    The first came out with a cool suction *pop*.

                    The second broke in the clamp as dentist was yanking it out.

                    That was an uncomfortable feeling.


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                      had 3 taken out but i wanted to be under full anaesthetic very costly to as i didnt have private health insurance at the time but they had to come out

                      was 500 bucks just for the anaesthetic
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                        had 2 under local. Everything was great, no worries until about a day later when it felt like my jaw was about to explode.

                        Got whats called a dry socket where the clot from the extraction falls off, leaving the bone open to air/food/anything. It is one of the worst feelings in the world, had to go to hospital for painkillers. Then every couple of days i had to go back to the dentist to get iodine soaked gauze put into where my tooth should have been. Nothing like spending a few weeks where all you can smell and taste is iodine.

                        If you dont get one of those your fine. But got help you if you get one

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                          I had 4 taken out under general anaesthetic at Kalamunda. Was completely pain-free as far as I remember. Worst part was looking like Quagmire afterwards and spitting out blood for a while.
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                            3 under local, just make sure you follow the post-care advise. One of mine got infected, fuck that hurt.
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                              I had five out a few years ago, got knocked out for a couple of hours.

                              I requested "lots of drugs" before I went under. They coughed up, I might have smelled like shit but there's nothing funnier than being on painkillers and trying to drink water with a numb face.