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  • Jobs for summer.

    I feel a bit silly asking this again, As I got a lot of good suggestions last year but unfortunately the thread was in the F/S section and was deleted.

    So basically summer is comming up and I want to find a decently paying job that I can work fulltime during summer. Last year I left it for too late and all I could get was a job at maccas to get 10$ for overnights.

    Things I had in mind had been,

    Postie (if they still want people over chrismas)
    Maybe forklifting (have to get my license but I would happily do so if there is work)
    Security (also need license...)

    As far as qualifications goes, I don´t have anything. But I'm 18, have R-E license, physically fit and hard worker.

    So if anyone has any suggestions of places/sectors where there is demand for a summer job I would be very great full. Goal a lot of money so I don´t have to finance a bike next year .

    Thanks in advance everyone.

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    forklift ticket is easy to get

    thought about liquor? bar/bottleshop work?
    generally bottleshops are loving extra staff over december and january though having an rsa is helpful
    Originally posted by CBRsairz
    assume nothing Macca, I've totally been cockblocked before :spiteful:


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      if you dont mind living away from perth for a few weeks, there is often a lot of work for harvest.

      get out and drive a chaser bin on a farm and you get a good bit of cash.


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        Adventure world are always after summer staff


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          Anything that ISNT Maccas...

          to be getting $10/hour for night shift at 17/18 is bordering on criminal.
          Get a new job.

          There are plenty of jobs out there, 95% of them are better than McDonalds.

          PS - adventure world is shit, don't work there....

          Even order picking is always in demand, most warehouses have a high turnover rate but its not really THAT bad if you are keen for cash.
          The work is shit, but $18-24/hour for unskilled work at 18, can't complain.


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            I quite McDonals a few months ago, It was really draining the life out of me.

            I don't mind how bad the job is as long as it is remunerated accordingly. I will have a look at the suggested ones . Keep them coming, thanks


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              sign on with a company called blue collar people, they hire out unskilled labourers to companies
              all you will need to get is your blue card.
              usually pays 17-20 bucks an hour
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                Even working in a pub/bottleshop should net you $17-$22/hr.


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                  Re: Jobs for summer.

                  Westfield is chasing casuals over the holidays. Also try alps promotions, they should also have a fair bit over summer.


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                    I once worked for a company called 'Creative Field Marketing'

                    Just did product demonstrations at shopping centres.
                    Didn't have to sell anything, just show people the product - so no sales targets or commission.
                    I was doing canon printer demos, got to print all the free stuff I wanted and chat up girls all day... all for $18/hour. Easy work.

                    They generally have quite a few vacancies open


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                      walk around the building sites ask if any one needs a labourer
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                        Work on the Wheat Bins.

                        If you live away from home then they put you up in on site accomdation. Reasonable money.. normally good fun... not too hard.

                        If you want to be outdoors then go for a receival officer (or whatever they are called now I did it 20 years ago) or otherwise be an smapling officer who sits in an office most of the time.

                        Get out in the country and have some fun.

                        Actually you may be too late...



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                          +1 to stevo's warehouse comment. I work for the coles big house. Very good money. Min. Twenty four an hour. But with bonus you could earn up to thirty thirty twoPosted via Mobile Device


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                            I have done harvest for a few years, can earn decent money (driving harvester was $27/hour last year), but I grew up on a farm driving machines. No experience would probably drop wages to $18-20, and you would be in the chaser bin. Long hours, 6/7 day weeks, and no overtime, but usually no rent, food paid for, work car (or free fuel) and nowhere to spend money. The further from Perth you go the more money you get.

                            Try RANZA
                            RANZA (WA)- Rural Australian & New Zealand Appointments(:08) 9888 4017
                            Email: [email protected]

                            or Rural enterprises:
                            Rural Enterprise (WA) (08)9325 8411
                            Website: Rural Enterprises | Home

                            I have gone through one of them before, cant remember which. Farmer pays the fee so nothing for you, work starts fairly soon so people will be getting desparate!
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                              Get your forklift ticket and contact Di Gillespie @ Supply Connections. She should be able to sort you out no worries (dunno about the short term part of it though).
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