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Handycams that take an AV input

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  • Handycams that take an AV input

    Hey guys,

    I'm chasing a handycam that (as the title suggests) can take an AV input, such as another smaller camera. I'm looking to mount a camera on the bike on the cheap so if you know of any, or have any other options that could work, feel free to post em Thanks

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    mine does, but its a few years old now, one of the DV tape ones, so not a hard disk or anything fancy. Its a Panasonic of some description. When I was looking, quite a few of the Canon ones had the input too.


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      bump. Anyone else?

      "Always out-numbered, never out-gunned"


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        Have you considered a PVR?

        Like this thing?
        Archos Pocket Video Recorder AV420 Portable Video Players (PVPs) reviews - CNET Reviews

        I'm sure there are newer ones about, but you could probably grab one of these for 100 bucks on ebay...

        Edit: Like this one... the last model they released in the PVR arena:
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          Why not just get a cheap camera that records? Like the PI Spy Camstick?

          Sure, the video quality is shithouse, but it's cheaper than most camera phones, will record for longer, and at $50-$100 per camera, is probably a good way of sticking 5 different cameras on the bike at once. :p

          [ame=""]YouTube - Updated PI Camstick Micro DVR 640 x 480 2GB[/ame]


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            Hi Sentry,
            all the recorders i know of are a bit expensive,
            if you want a good cheep camera I recomend the Aiptek HD100, they are around $100 at Kmart, here is a bit i wrote arout it a while ago
            Some of the Panasonic and Samsung SDcard camrecorders around $400 would be nice as well,
            The less moving parts in the camera and lens the longer it will last.
            Im often at PSB rides so check out my camera if u like
            [ame=]YouTube - Rossmoyne Rear facing race cam[/ame]