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    Need some advice, been looking at cashing in some of my frequent flyer points and buy myself an iPod Touch.

    Are they any good ?? other than MP3 player and movies what can you really do with them.

    Other than Mp3 and vids I dont really know what I would use it for, just thought it would be a cool thing to have .... ^_^

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    Not sure if you're able to wing it while redeeming FF points and all but for a few hundred more it's worth going the iPhone.


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      i dont touch the home computer any more.
      if you have wifi at home, you can set up your email through it, watch you tube, surf psb, download games, have a weather app, tv guide app. . .etc

      it does everything an iphone does accept make calls and sms's.

      i do wish i had an iphone vs the itouch though instead i have a stupid slim samsung thing for the next 18months. . . .


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        if you get an itouch you will want to upgrade to an iphone as you will become dependant on being in a friendly wifi area. / know what you are missing with an iphone + you have the bulk of carrying a rather large ipod with you as well as your phone.

        I would get an iphone but at uni I'm in wifi most of the time, I carry a bag with me so space isn't an issue and I know I would kill an iphone rather quickly (same as any other phone- the way I live isn't iphone friendly enough)
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          Fj we did it with our frequent flyers and would not look back



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            Yeh I can get the iPhone through FF as well but sadly I dont have enough points, plus work supplies me a phone anyway. I hear what you are saying though.

            The only down side for me is they dont have enough memory. I would love to stick all my 180Gb worth of music on one and just carry that around with me, but alas thats not going to happen :-(


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              Originally posted by Mr_FJ View Post
              I would love to stick all my 180Gb worth of music on one and just carry that around with me, but alas thats not going to happen :-(
              Why do you need to carry 4 months worth of music round with you?


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                At the moment I dont have anyway of listening to it other than either burning a CD and listening to it on mr car stereo or taking my portable HDD and plugging it into my work lappy (which I vary rarely do anyway cos I cant be f**ked and I never remember) Plus I hate listening to the same thing all the time (my choice of music depends on my moods), which is what happens when I burn it to a CD and get stuck listening to the same crap for the next 4 weeks till I can be bothered burning another CD.... other than that, no, no real reason i guess.


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                  So store it on your PC (which is where I assume it is now) and transfer it across as needed.
                  8/16/32 gigs of music is a LOT of music.


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                    And the new ones come up up 64GB.. thats a shite load of movies/music/podcasts/pr0n