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    Soooo...It's Mental Health Week (World Mental Health Day: 10/10)...We all have it, some of us manage our mental health very well while others face constant challenges. There's loads of support available whether you want to maintain or repair your MH...

    What is Mental Health?
    Good mental health is a sense of well-being, confidence and self-esteem. It enables us to fully enjoy and appreciate other people, day-to-day life and our environment. When we are mentally healthy we can:
    form positive relationships
    use our abilities to reach our potential
    deal with life's challenges.

    How can we improve our mental health?
    A few tips for positive mental health are:
    talk about or express your feelings
    exercise regularly
    eat healthy meals
    get enough sleep
    spend time with friends and loved ones
    develop new skills
    relax and enjoy your hobbies
    set realistic goals
    talk to your GP or a health professional.

    What is mental illness?
    One in five Australians will suffer from a mental illness at some point in their lives. A mental illness is a health problem that significantly affects how a person:
    interacts with other people.
    It is diagnosed according to standardised criteria. A mental health problem also affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves, but to a lesser extent than a mental illness.

    Mental illnesses are of different types and degrees of severity. Some of the major types are:
    bipolar mood disorder
    personality disorders
    eating disorders
    (Source: Department of Health and Ageing)
    These illnesses may also be referred to as a mental disorder, mental impairment or psychiatric disability.

    What causes mental illness?
    Mental illness results from complex interactions between the mind, body and environment.

    Factors which can contribute to mental illness are:
    long-term and acute stress
    biological factors such as genes, brain structure and chemistry
    use of alcohol, drugs and other substances
    cognitive patterns such as constant negative thoughts and low self esteem
    These factors can be minimised by a strong and supportive community environment.

    10 tips for a successful mental health break:
    1) Walk. A 10-minute walk is a quick way to get some energy to face the rest of your day. And we don't mean walking from your cubicle to the restroom. If you can, get outside. The fresh air will do you good.
    2) Stretch. Whether you're sitting at a desk all day or always on the go, stress on the job has the tendency to make your muscles tight. Take 10 to stretch out, focusing on your neck and back.
    3) Schedule "me" time. Use your "10" to make a massage appointment, schedule a babysitter for a solo Saturday shopping trip, or make plans to watch the game with friends. Knowing you have a fun event coming up will brighten your mood.
    4) Nap. A 10-minute power nap is a quick way to decompress and reenergize. Get away from your desk if you can - any patch of green grass will do!
    5) Laugh. Watch a video clip from your favorite comedian. Call your hilarious high school friend who always has a joke. Or step out for coffee with your favorite officemate who has funny stories about his kids.
    6) Journal. Writing for 10 minutes can help you process what's on your mind. Give yourself free reign - nothing is off limits. You can whine, kvetch, brag, or obsess as much as you want.
    7) Say thank you. Is someone making your life better, easier or more enjoyable? Whether it's a family member, co-worker, or a friendly barista, take 10 to personally thank the person or send a thank you note. Your mental health will benefit from the karma.
    8) Breathe. Taking 10 minutes to focus on your breathing can noticeably reduce stress. 70-90 percent of doctor visits are stressed-related. Do your part to make sure it's not you.
    9) De-clutter. Is your desk covered in paper, to-do lists, and leftover lunch scraps? A clutter-free work environment will reduce stress and help you focus.
    10) Find a therapist. You're worth it. ... find a therapist near you who can help you cope with any issues that are preventing you from living a full and happy life.

    - Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing Department of Health and Ageing - Publications provides information on Government initiatives and publications on mental health and wellbeing. You can download or order fact sheets on mental illness.
    - Better Health Channel Better Health Channel - quality consumer health information for Australians is a Victorian Government website with information on health and mental illness. Their Health Translations Directory contains resources in different languages.
    - Beyondblue beyondblue: the national depression initiative provides information and resources on stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and postnatal depression.
    - Lifeline Lifeline WA - Contact is crisis telephone line. They have tool kits on self-help, suicide prevention and for carers of people with mental illness.
    - Reach out Reach Out Australia: information and help about tough times and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, bullying and relationship issues. - ReachOut Australia is a website that helps young people get through tough times. It includes inspiring stories, fact sheets, multimedia, competitions and interactive forums.
    - SANE Australia SANE Australia - Home helps people with mental illness through campaigns, education and research. Includes fact sheets on health and mental illness.
    - Transcultural Mental Health Centre Transcultural Mental Health Centre - Diversity Health Institute has translated information on mental health.
    - Well Scotland Welcome to has tips to improve mental health, publications and personal stories.
    - Western Australian Association for Mental Health Western Australian Association for Mental Health is the peak body for non-government mental health agencies. They coordinate activities such as Mental Health Week.
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    Thanks for sharing this info mate.


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      I think i'm way past getting help

      Nothing can improve my situations anymore.



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        nice one jo, wondered what i'd been doing wrong all these years

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          cool, some good tips, cheers!
          Theirs no replacement for displacement


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            Hmm I don't get any of that, most likely why I feel like rubbish most of the time! Cheers for that
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