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Ankle injuries.

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  • Ankle injuries.

    I would like to ask if someone can tell me how long it took for their broken ankle/torn ligaments injurie to heal.
    Especially how long/when were you able to walk/ put weight on it after the operation.
    *Also broken Fibula, It seems that the doctors are not worried about them being broken as it seems that it is better for the ligaments to mend?
    *Anyone got any knowledge on that?
    *And when did your hardwear, screws/plates come out (timeframe wise) of your ankle lower bone.
    *When were you able to do excersises to get the leg back to full strenght?
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    pm yoshie, he is still in the recovery process from doing his ankle


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      I broke my left ankle back in 94, it took probably 3-4 months to come good to the point of not having to wear a brace everyday. Last Febuary I tore the ATFL on the same ankle, it got to about 90% healed over a very long period (a year) in which time I wore a permanent brace on my leg for 3 months. It still gives me trouble almost every day.

      Probably not what you want to hear but good luck with the rehab. Get yourself a good phsyio.


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        A mate of mine had an accident (some three years ago) and hurt his leg pretty bad. He was a Triathlete at the time. I recently asked how he was and he reckons he is still affected by the injury and it still affects his performance in the tri's.
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          first off the doc has probably told you that you will never get 100% mobility back in that ankle.

          its about 18 months since i broke mine playing football. It was a small fracture but even now i probably only have 70% mobility in that ankle. It doesn't hinder me in any way but when I'm doing my stretches for football etc I can only bend so far on my left ankle whereas my right has a lot more to go.

          I had 6 weeks in a cast but couldn't keep the fucker dry so my foot went mouldy. It smells real fkn bad when this happens so as soon as you smell it go get it off. I then got a cam walker which was heaps better. Only took it off to shower so my foot didn't stay mouldy. I think there may be pics on here about it too actually.

          Some good exercises to strengthen your ankle is a wobble board, standing on that ankle which when it becomes stronger you shut your eyes, then you look up then you do it in shower. Shower closed eyes looking up is fkn hard but helps strengthen it.


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            Doc has said 95% so all good in that part.
            I got myself a removable cast made out of carbon fibre/plastic/velcro ties etc. which is easy to take off.
            And the inner linning/airbags are washable as well.
            Just this morning took cast off in the shower to give it all a clean.
            feels so much better after a wash.
            Feels unsafe without the cast on.


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              yeah doc told me 95% too but i don't have 95% 18 months on. I doubt many get that much mobility back but it really doesn't hinder me in any way and i'm back playing football.


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                when I broke my thumb I was in a cast for 5 weeks, 4 of which I had pins in it to hold it all together, It took about a week or so of stretching before I could touch the tip of my little finger with it, after a little over a year I have full movement in making a fist but I cant move it back as high as the other one when I have my hands flat and palm down on a table.

                It might be a little different with ankles though.
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                  It depends on the nature of the injury, what type of fracture, where on the bone excaclty is the break? also which ligaments have you torn? are the partial tears or full ruptures?

                  every injury and its recovery time will differ. who was your surgeon, he will advice you on a physio therapy rehabilitation program, base on reducing inflammation, the ROM range of motion within the joints, and retraining your proprioception. after that you will look at strenthening program.

                  who is your physio ? if you dont have one give me a call and we can take a look at it for you. we specialise in injury rehabilitation

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                    Totally ruptured my CFL and ATFL about 4 years ago, had surgery to have them joined back together.
                    Spent 3 months in a cast, a further 4 in a cam walker and a full year or so of regular physio/hydrotherapy.
                    Took me a further year to stop limping everywhere. I have about 75% ROM in my foot, and nerve damage on the top of my foot.
                    It's pretty good now, but after a long day, exercise or if the weather is changing it hurts like nobodies business.


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                      I broke my ankle on july 5th, bottom part of tibia was broken off. didnt need surgery so recovery probly not as long as someone wit a rod,screws etc. Still was in a cast for 6 weeks, was very stiff and sore wen it came out but i could walk around straight away. The tendons/ligaments were quite damaged but not actually torn, which was more significant than the actual broken bone and take a long time to heal, had alot of pain from this for quite a while. Ive now got pretty much full movement back and only occasional pain.

                      Ull need to exersize it alot wen i comes out, lots of stretching, flexing, rolling etc to bring it good again. But it definatley depends on the extent of the injury, i guess mine wasnt so bad compared to others


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                        Just talk to your surgeon about your rehab. he will have a better idea of how long your particular injury will take to heal.


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                          Hey Jamathi I fell 4 meters back in March and pretty much shatterred my calcaneus ( or however you want to spell it) its the heel bone basically. So were talking nearly 7 months now and Im walking although a lot of the time still with a limp.

                          Had a plate and 8 screws inserted, surgeon told me to expect about a 12 month recovery, lots of physio, hydro and very soon a gym program to help rebuild the muscles.

                          Still suffer from quite a bit of pain from time to time, reduced movement and if I do overdo it by walking around or stuff it tends to swell right up and can lock up on me and be painful as fuck trying to walk, but its getting better and better slowly.

                          Basically my surgeon, Dr Reza Sulleh, and my physio have both pointed out that for a while the more I try to do with it and the more I push it the more pain and swelling I can expect but at the same time the quicker it will recover and I wont have that problem.

                          Will be very happy if it ends up 100% again, but then again I dont expect to ever be good enough to be chasing Usain Bolt over the 100m.

                          Heal up quick!
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                            I broke my tib and fib in a total of eight places Jan 2008. Ended up with 16cm plate and 13 screws.

                            Had the plate and screws (I still have 1 1/2 in there) removed 8 months later.

                            I was 2 months in the cast no wight, then 50% weight for 6 weeks then full weight. Started physio while not fully weight baring. Hydro therapy worked the best for me. Wii fit also was very good, let me knnow were I was carrying the weight and what to change.

                            I still have good and bad days - the last few momths with changing weather killed me!

                            Doc thinks I'll get to 90ish % within the next 12 months.

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                              after 3 weeks I am completely over it already, so 3 mnds. seems to be a lifetime.
                              for the next 4 weeks I have to sit and rest!! with leg up doing sfa.
                              My injury is not that bad, clean breaks of ankle side bit, 2 screws in it and 2 screws in the bottom of the 2 big long bones tibia/fibia apparantly to let the ligaments heal.

                              screws and place drilled/screwed below + break in bone.

                              *screws drawn in.
                              foot is still swollen and the screws sometimes hurt a wee bit.
                              with the cast it is sometimes as if it has not happened when sitting and I have to remind myself how to stand up and not put weight on the broken one.
                              I should not complain at all if I see and hear some of your injuries, so I declare myself a sook, who wants to ride his m/c
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