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  • Windows 7?

    Whass it all about?

    I have xp and have seen "windows 7" around but want to hear more about it in laymans terms.

    If one were to have a disc with it on should one install it?

    yes I know it's a personal decision sure, but i didnt upgrade to Vista coz from what i read it is/was, more Fista than Vista.

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    yeah what he said ... I wanna know too


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      I want to know too

      I heard that its a fairly easy steup up from Vista but a bit more involved to go from XP.


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        Been using it for a few months, seems slicker than vista.

        Then again, new installs of vista were fine, they only really started getting slow and horrible after 6 months or so.

        The question you need to ask is: what will windows 7 for you do that XP doesn't?
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          clean installs ftw
          personally I'd stick with XP if they keep making drivers for it


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            7 is less resource hungry than Pista. Takes up less space on the HDD as well. From all reports, it is an OS that was created from blank sheet. That is, it's not an update from an existing platform. Apparently, Macrosift may have got it right this time.
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              FJ: it's nowhere near a clean sheet.
              It's more like the BA Falcon, a major facelift on the same platform, after the disaster that was the AU (vista)
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                Life is easier with XP. It's got so much support for it that any problem should be able to be solved and is less likely to require a reformat to "fix".

                But, you risk losing touch with current technology. I'm seeing the trend where oldies who got to know Windows 95 had trouble moving onto XP, and then Vista came and completely scared them off.

                The 2 main reasons why I didn't recommend Vista to anyone was that is was slower and software support wasn't up to scratch. A client would often feel a bit ripped off buying a new computer which they thought should be faster than their old one, only to find that it came with Vista and performed either the same, or felt perceivably slower.

                Then they'd have a headache trying to install software and get it to work as all their old programs they were used to were only "xp compatible". They didn't know how to get updated drivers either so they'd go out and buy new printers and stuff.

                Those 2 points are pretty much taken care of now with Windows 7. Speed is up to a respectable level. Yes there are accounts of 7 being slower than vista even, but nothing beats actually seeing it in person and testing it yourself. Most people would agree that 7 IS faster.

                You should be able to use Vista compatible software on 7 so now that Vista has matured there should be plenty more support for it.

                When things go wrong though, XP is still the easiest to fix, but I reckon if you were at a computing level where you could have an opinion as to which OS is easier to fix, then you'd probably should be able to sort out any problems with 7 yourself anyway.

                Other than that, to the average Joe off the street, 7 is prettier than Vista.....and the "show desktop" button is in the bottom right corner instead of being a quick link next to the start menu


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                  hahaha... was logging on to pose the same question.

                  I am keenish... but my PC would go from XP which sounds harder but in reality no different than if I was to refresh XP anyway.. (i.e back it all up.. manually copy stuff, reinstalls the stuff you want and dont reinstall the stuff that screwed up)

                  Vista is easier to install but again clean install would be better anyway.

                  From what I have seen though, nothing is ground breaking.. a few gimmicks, a few things slightly easier and most things already done with free apps on XP. (like the Bitlocker for USB drives I already use TrueCrypt?)

                  Only reason I will go Win 7 is that the wifeys laptop is a complete sh!thouse on vista. I was going to try installing XP on it. My PC is also needing a cleanup so if I have to do two fresh installs of XP I might as well get both onto Win 7 and then make some of the home networking and file sharing easier. Other than that I can't see why i woudl go Win 7 and even doing that is probably going to cost me $360 if I go the Pro versions. (Note: still looking to see different prices and if they do academic versions or discoutned versions thru work agreements.)


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                    Originally posted by barfridge View Post
                    FJ: it's nowhere near a clean sheet.
                    It's more like the BA Falcon, a major facelift on the same platform, after the disaster that was the AU (vista)
                    Much more apt analogy.

                    A clean sheet would mean all those people that demand backwards compatibility from Windows 95 would be stuck needing to rewrite software for the modern era.

                    7 at launch is much better than Vista was at launch, it is quite pleasant to use (for a Windows OS )... However if XP is doing you fine and there is nothing you need 7 for, you certainly don't need to upgrade.
                    Also, how old is your PC? Remember, XP is much less resource hungry than Vista/7 will be.


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                      I have been running it on my desktop and a laptop at home. Even a complete computer literate type like me can install it with out any issues AND have both machines talk to each other in seconds.

                      The big + is that it comes will ALL the drivers you need where as XP you had to add SP what ever number to just get the network drivers. Also 7 is very stable I have not had one issue in 3 months with it. Very easy to navigate around with some kewl features as long as your hardware is sufficiently spec't, but not as high as was needed for Vista.

                      All up you got it do a dual boot install if your not 100% sure but persoanlly id load it...then again I did.

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                        If you often have a lot of windows open at once you will appreciate the new taskbar. Sort of like the old 'group similar items' but much more thought out.


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                          7 is similar to vista in the way things work, but they seem a bit better in execution.

                          You still need need a fast pc to run it properly though (like more than 3GB of RAM, dual core minimum processor etc.)
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                            We're mainly considering it from the perspective of not wanting to be too far behind current editions. We're running off XP now and have no problems whatsoever. We've started thinking that at some stage we're going to have to upgrade, so why not jump on board now and then we can learn how to use it straight away.


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                              I find it's much easier to manage all your open applications with Windows 7 (that taskbar is neat and the number of times I've wanted to just drag an application to either the edge or the top on earlier versions of Windows since using 7 is ridiculous) - and it's snazzy looking too. They've introduced this *BRAND NEW* feature where the background wallpaper changes... take THAT, Apple.... owait.

                              And everything just seems to ... work

                              Mind you I've run Vista since the Beta and have always been happy with it, hate having to use XP.
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