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  • questions for fitter/machinists

    im applying for a mature age apprenticeship as a fitter/machinist...
    and was wondering: after i was qualified, how could i work as a Heavy Duty fitter?
    if this is possible what would be needed?

    it would also be a great help if i could talk on the phone to any HD fitters or
    Fitter/machinists.. pm your mobile number if ou dont mind filling me in on the


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    Yes you can.

    My qualification is a Fitter/machinist by Tafe.

    I did my time at Westrail as a Diesel Fitter.

    I've work as a Diesel Fitter, Machinist, Pump Fitter, Fixed Plant Fitter, Ag Mechanic and various other jobs that ended in Fitter.

    The name means nothing. Where I work now we even employ Motor Mechanics as Fitters.
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      Qualified from TAFE as a Mechanical Fitter / 1st class machinist..
      Worked as just about every type of fitter you care to name..
      from R&D thru to Tool fitter..
      HD fitter simply means you have or the boss wants you to work on big equipment, usually in the mining arena.. but occasionally in the petro-chemical. I haven't heard of HD-F in the Oil&Gas

      To get work as a HD.. either work the last year of your Apprenticship with one of the big machines company (Liebherr/Westrac/Komatsu/John Deer/Kolebeco/O&K/blah blah..
      Or start out with a mining company and up-sell your goodness..
      Or start out post apprentiseship with some one in the mining arena as the ubiquitous "Fitter" fixing pumps, aligning conveyors, overhauling gearboxes servicing vehicles, servicing heavy vehicles..
      HEY..!! Wait a minute.. You're a HD-F and yuo didn't even know it..

      Contract work is a good way to get experience quickly, if your professional confidence is strong.. (70% bullshit / the rest just dazzle 'em with your brilliance)
      then by 28-30yo settle into long term positions (3-5yrs).. then after about 20 yrs.. if you haven't settled enough to start moving up the ladder do it now or you'll miss the boat..
      By 40-45.. you will need to be off the tools, because HD fitting will kill you in the end..
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