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RIP to my Uncle

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  • RIP to my Uncle

    seeing my uncle pass away today just after lunch in icu after a heart attack on Friday, at the age of 53 apart from feeling a lot sader than i thought i would makes ya think life is way to short and if ya having any arguments in ya family no matter how bad they are try and fix them before you miss out on the chance no matter what the reason

    my dad and uncle will now never have the chance to mend there problems that made them not talk to each other in at least 6 years
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    Very sad, sorry for your loss.
    And soul heartedly agree, life is too short.


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      Sorry for your loss. You're right, life is too short.
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        Yes, sorry for your loss. I hope your memories will always be fond ones.
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          That's terrible mate, condolences to you and your family.

          A mate of mine had a heart attack last night, lucky it was mild and is out today but damn scary.


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            A loss that is twice as sad due to the family conflict involved. As others said, life is too short to spend it fighting...


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              Funny was talking with someone today who has been hesitating in buying a bike for a few years and has just bought himself his dream bike after his wife told him to do so as life was too short.

              I suppose death is just a natural part of life but it certainly marks times in your own life where you reevaluate whats happening around you and whats most important.

              Sorry for your loss.
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                Sorry to hear Grant. Try and support your Dad through this it's time to think of all the good times.

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                  RIP to you uncle Grant and I sincere thoughts for you and your fam bro.



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                    RIP, it really puts things into perspective when someone that young passes on.
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