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The passing of a top bloke - (Leif Smart - Dragon)

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  • The passing of a top bloke - (Leif Smart - Dragon)

    Last night (26/04/04) a great fun loving bloke by the name of Leif passed away. Everyone here may know him as Dragon, who rode his big black blackbird. He was a person who was very loyal, commited, fun loving, loved to go on rides and make people laugh. People who knew him, liked him and I'm sure he will be missed by all. Rest In Peace big fella!!

    Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.

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    RIP mate. One of the best wrong numbers i have ever dialled.....


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      wtf??!! im shocked... our dragon? no way...what happened? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


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        What a total fucking shock this is, I was chatting with him only a couple of weeks back at Chookies bbq/foodfight.

        Top bloke and gentle giant of a guy, This should never have happened...

        RIP Big guy...


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          OMG!!!! he was a good friend......what happened?


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            Gone....but never were a champ brother...going to miss you dude... peace

            in rememberance

            if anyone wants this pic removed, PM me


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              Please people be patient, Chookie was a close friend so he will need time to deal with this so give him some space and he will talk to us when he is ready.

              Respect his privacy at this sad time.


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                what the i can't believe it :cry:

                RIP DRAGON
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                But you can't please all the people all the time.


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                  My condolences to his family and chookie


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                    I really can't believe this...

                    like Gordo said - please give Chookie space and time to deal with this.. goes for other ppl affected too.

                    this is such a shock...
                    i can just picture him in my head.. one of the many time i spoke to him... be it at scarbs, chookies place, subi, freo or anywhere in between.
                    Can see all his little mannerisms and quirks that made him who he was.
                    And i cant begin to understand how his girlfriend is feeling right now...

                    R.I.P Leif, you will be sadly missed - what a great bloke, one of the friendliest and most lovable guys i've ever met....

                    Ciao Leif and rest in peace.


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                      R.I.P. will miss you lots


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                        I can't believe this either
                        I would have never expected someone close to you kno very well just to go like that :cry:

                        He was a top mate who would always fill you up with laughter.. a great bloke to talk and hang to out with. He had that happy aurora about him that made him so friendly, gentle, trustworthy and to make other people crack up with his jokes of course

                        RIP big fella, you'll be missed!

                        My condolences to his family and friends

                        If you need anything Chookie don't hesitate to give me a yell


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                          Oh my god....

                          What a total shock to hear it...

                          Sorry for calling you Brett but Maark and I weren't online at the time...

                          Leif was an absolute legend who taught me to hold on well when someone was gonna give a handfull of throttle... Your sense of humour and big grin will be painfully missed. An absolute top bloke.

                          CAD thankyou for the pic, I'm sure I have some more floating around from the housewarming.

                          R.I.P Leif, We'll miss you. :cry:

                          Can we have a moment of silence on sunday at the Brass Monkey to remember him?

                          (ps: my phone is switched off, i'll reply to all sms's tomorrow...)
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                            R.I.P My good friend ..... U were a top bloke i enjoyed every second riding with you .... u were the first person i called everytime i wanted to go riding .... I will really miss our meets at scarbs on sunday arvo's ....

                            :cry: :cry: :cry:

                            I am truly gutted by the news as im sure some other close friends are aswell ....

                            Condolinces to family .... We ( especially me ) will MISS u buddy so very much ....

                            Goodbye my friend ...... ....Maarken....
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                              My condolences to friends and family whom will miss Dragon; remember the good times and know that your mates are there for you if you need them.

                              I've only ridden with Dragon a few times but its always a kick in the gut to find out such a good man has passed on.

                              Everyone who has known you will sorely miss you.

                              Goodbye Dragon, R.I.P.