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RIP Marko Damnjanovic

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  • RIP Marko Damnjanovic

    Does anybody know Marko Damnjanovic? His Death notice was published in thursdays West. Looks like he was a student in Albany. So young to go :cry:
    No Details available. Except for this. From the West

    Taken from us so suddenly you were a ray of sunshine. Your mannerisms and respectfulness was noted by all who loved you. Our deepest sympathy to your family. The world has lost someone very will never be forgotten, there will always be a special place in our hearts for you-Ride On Babe-
    RIP Marko
    Ride On

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    I saw that too, I think reading between the lines I think he was a Moto X rider and if he was from Albany then I doubt anyone here would known him.


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      saw it on the news Monday night... 15 year old lad killed on his motor cross
      bike... very sad
      Loud Pipes Save Lives