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  • "snow"

    Neroli (Undead) had the phone call this morning than her grandfather "Snow" had passed away.
    All my condolences darling. I'm here for you.

    She is flying to NZ tonight with her mum for the funeral so will be unavailable to speak to.

    Never a pleasant feeling when a loved one loses someone so close. I only met him a couple of times but Neroli was quite close to him.

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    News like that suck's mate
    send her my bestest wishes
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      Thinking of you Neroli. Chin up, and remember the good times.


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        condolences to you neroli, its never easy losing a close family member.

        melbourne cup day was the first anniversary of my mum passing.

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          Sorry to hear of the loss of a beloved grandfather. He will always be with you, just look in your heart.
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            I know all too well the pain of not being able to say goodbye to someone you dearly love. Many condolences during this hard time, try and keep your chin up.
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              Sorry to hear that Neroli *hugs*
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                Fruitbat and I were sorry to hear about this yesterday.

                You know where we are guys......
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                  Sad news indeed.

                  Tell her to cherish the memories, no-one can take those away.
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                    so sad to hear of a loved one passing, hugs for you


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                      Sorry to hear. R.I.P.


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                        Was really sorry to hear this Friday morning. Condolences to you and your family Neroli.... You've got a huge support base with EMVY and the rest of us here at PSB.
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                          So sorry to hear Neroli and Troy.

                          My condolences on your loss, RIP
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                            Thanks everyone. The funeral was tough as was the memorial the following day. My nanna passed 14 yrs ago and the family had waited for Poppa so that their ashes could be buried together, so there was a double burial, so to speak. It was a tough week, especially as the old house had to be sorted and many decisions to make.

                            I am glad I could be there for my mum and her family, there were 8 of the 9 grandkids their, which was brilliant. All of us in our late 20's and able to help our parents and support each other and drink lot's of toasts to each Poppa and Nanna.

                            This morning when we dropped mum of after the flight we realised one of our cats was so ill she needed to be put down. It was actually my cat, but I left it with mum when I moved to Perth for Uni as it was too cruel to move her. So have just dealt with that. It has been a hard week and morning today.

                            Thanks everyone, your thoughts and messages were much appreciated.


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                              Sorry to hear, Neroli - hang in there though, I hope things look up from this week onward.
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