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    okay people of PSB I have finally opened the doors to my shop .

    I am offering 10% discount on everything to PSB keyring holders .

    I have a Dyno machine up and running and a range of tyres at the moment with other items still to come.

    the shop is GOOD BIKES BETTER and I am located at 12/25 Hanson st Maddington.
    shop number is 9459 4419

    if need be an after hours tyre service is available eg saturday arvos and sundays if you get caught with a flat the mobile number for this is 0419922348.

    Hope to see some of you soon.

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    top stuff, thats near me


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      good to know if ever a tyre decides to let go on a weekend


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        Hey all...Grant has been one of my main sponsors for me...and has been a great bloke to deal with. He has tyres make sure you all take advantage of getting your tyres and more from him. He will look after you. And seriousley, how many would offer tyres on a late saturday or Sunday?

        Well done Grant!
        Originally posted by Red_is_Best
        hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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          Wow, that is disturbingly close to my new house

          I'll have to drop by on the weekend
          - Mike


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            Sounds good. But you are nowhere near me. I will pm you for a tyre price.


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              I'm looking for a large amount of dyno time so that we can tune a standalone ECU on a turbo busa, tuner not required just the dyno. Can you help?
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                I highly recommend Good Bikes Better - they made the Jaffa Daisy-sized so I could touch the ground on it
                Originally posted by vk6hgr
                My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                  Oh Oh just around the corner
                  Real Men Ride Nakid


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                    im sure i can accomidate you with time on the dyno with the turbo busa


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                      So apart from Tyres, Dyno and Daise-Sizing bike's what else do you do/carry there?
                      Is/Will there be a website?

                      Jason Hodges


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                        Awesome. Another bike shop in the deep south
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                        If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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                          Congrats Grant. Glad to hear the doors are open. Will have to drop round and see what's available. Good Luck
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                            grats om the shop. Hope all goes well..

                            Will keep you in mind if i ever get caught on the weekend..

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                              Thanks for the service Cooch . Nice tyre and good price . C you again .