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  • Job Available - FT - Insurance - West Perth

    Ok guys and gals, a job's come up at work - and I thought I'd post it up, cos 1. we get paid for every person we help find ( and I'd like to share it.. and make some $$ for xmas )

    They pay much better than most companies around here, the office is awesome.. and there are psb members that work here ! - it's a bike friendly environment !!

    So, if you're interested - let me know.. I'll pass on the email you need.. or the phone number, you just say you know me.. and I'll give ya a couple hundred $$ for your trouble ! - EASY !

    Job No.: 372835
    Department:General Insurance

    Employment Type: Permanent FT

    Zurich is a successful worldwide insurance and investment company with operations in 170 countries, some 1000 employees locally and $7.025 billion in funds under management in Australia alone. We have earned a solid reputation and several industry awards for excellent performance. Accordingly, we can offer you exciting career opportunities with scope and depth. Additionally, Zurich supports and encourages employees to be involved in the community through our well-established Community Connections program.

    Joining our broker services team you will provide processing and administrative support for the Perth Motor Fleet team. This will include New Business, Renewals and Endorsements. This is a great opportunity for a self-motivated individual, to join a professional team and begin or continue a career in Insurance. It will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the processes of insurance and progress your career further within the insurance industry.

    If you believe you are a strong team player with accurate keyboard skills and have strong attention to detail please apply! Processing experience in an insurance environment is highly desirable.
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    What kinda salary?


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      depends on your experience, but i hear they are one of the best in the industry.. I'm on alot more than i was working for IAG ( SGIO, NRMA, SGIC, CGU, Swann ) - by about $13,000 more...

      If you're keen, let me know - I'll send your details through for a chat with the nice lady in HR.. and she can tell you what you need to know ( they wont discuss such matters with me.. )
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        Havent had any experience Eukanuba, used to be an assistant accountant


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          I think any office experience would be looked favourably upon.. aparently there's a real shortage getting good people that will stay in any job in perth atm..

          and besides, there's a cash incentive for me - if i locate the right person.. I'd be happy to split it, if you were successful
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            Can you give me an idea of the salary range?


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              Honest, I have no idea.. I'm just an underwriter... they wont discuss such things with me.. ( I'm not that important ) but it couldnt hurt to ask em ?
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                Man, wish i'd seen this when you 1st posted it... Are you still looking for people?

                I'm tier1 accredited but only for personal sickness & accident. Also 3 years in premium funding.

                Pick me! Pick me!

                I"ve gone for so many jobs lately and they've all either fallen through OR sounded to good to be true, and then when i started there, found out they were.


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                  cath, they sure are.. ( pop me an email, I'll pass her number on - or get her to give you a call.. she's really nice ! )

                  I'm ps146, tier 1.. and a cert 4.. but being in workers compensation ( with a mining background ) I think the boss has other plans for me.. aparently I have some skill set that they find desirable..

                  see, there is life after digging stuff out of the ground !
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                    Oh, did I mention that they send you to sydney for an induction ?

                    ask evo9ace, he works around the other side of the floor from me.. we've planned the boozeup already !
                    Come and see us in the 2011 Avon Descent - we're racing boat #234 !


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                      PM sent


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                        Used to work for Zorro's when they were still at Hamersley house! then moved to 6 Kings Park road followed by moving to 66 Kings Park Road.
                        Is the Tenniscourt still in use?


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                          yep booze up in january. mind you i am still getting over the booze i drunk for xmas ;>