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any gas plumbers in the audience

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  • any gas plumbers in the audience

    last bill for alinta was $330 (4 months) wtf its like usually $150-$180, ring alinta check and they confirm its correct.

    fcuk get a ''gas plumber" in to check , he's here for all of 5 minutes or so , charges $60 and says all okay.

    now the last bill was the winter bill and the ole gas fire was on bit (gas for the hot water and the gas fire in the lounge - everything else is electric.

    today get the new bill from sept to december $276 fark fark

    same bill last year was $168 , just checked

    so anybody know a decent gas plumber that can check for leaks or can recommend a gas plumber

    this is getting pretty frustrating not to mention expensive

    now the only other thing ive noticed is the hot water system is ''venting'' a pretty steady drip of hot water, im guessing from like a ''blow off valve''.
    could it be the hot water system is cranked up to high and it continually munching through the gas ???

    cheers dave

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    yeah could be the HWS having issues.

    you could try Andy @ Betta Gas - 0418 933 938, but i know he's fairly busy with lots of people wanting things fixed by xmas/new year.

    he's got handheld gas leak detection like most guys but they are fairly close range. so if it's underground or in cavities it can take a while + $$ to find and fix. but HWS might be on the fritz.


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      ^^ Yep i can recommend andy.

      Came out on chrissie eve, fixed my leaking toilet and water main and was a bloody nice guy too!
      `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute: