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  • Electrically minded person needed

    So I'm watching the transformers movie yesterday

    The volume was bout half way, bass is pumping and then the amp cuts out. No display, sound, nothing....

    Dvd player still spinning, sub still on with power

    It seems i may have fried the amp? This thing cost $700 when purchased.

    Model is a Sony STR DE845. All the fruit on it, 5.1,DTS flashy lights and knobs etc.

    Can anybody help?

    Is it just a transformer or fuse that has blown or is the whole thing cactus?

    Any help or repairer recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    PS - I'm also spewin cause i didn't get to finish the movie and it friggin rocks and there a smokin hot chick in it
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    Dont most amps have a reset button?
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      Where bart, i've taken the cover off and had a look but can't see anything wrong with it. No burnt or fried bits etc.

      I'm going to have another look

      * walks away shaking head *
      `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute:


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        Worth checking to see if there's a fuse at the back - if it's blown, try replace it. After that, it's time to find a repair centre mate - these things are not for the average home guy to repair...
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          I remember an old one of mine had a reset button + a fuse that you un-screwed from the back. Just checked the back of my Pioneer one but it has nothing.

          It should have some sort of fuse device that will blow inside if not on the outside

          Sorry think Im no help :p
          10.81 BLADE

          I'm a flirtalicious


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            90% of the time it's a blown fuse.
            Dad scored an awesome sub which retails for around $999 because someone switched it across to 110V and blew the fuse.
            Grabbed a fuse out of the shed and set it back to 240V and hey presto - working sub.


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              +1 for the fuse. Alot of gear these days also has thermal and elctrical overload protection some of which requires unplugging from the wall and leaving it for a minute or so to reset.

              Although having taken the cover off i'm assuming you unplugged it already? Not that I would have & im damn sure starfish wouldnt have either but your not a nerd.
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                All else failing, Phipps Electronics in Vic Park.


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                  +1 for the thermal overload.

                  normally needs to be unplugged and left to cool down for min 30mins.