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  • Euro-Trip 05 ....

    [attachmentid=961][attachmentid=960][attachmentid=960]Well its 2 weeks today that i arrived in Euro , and firstly the weather has been insane. From hot and cold, dry and wet. Other than that i got my 180sx going, its going hard and were both i think having a great time. I cant possibly describe the roads here, to those that havent made the trip with me before .... they are insane. The winding roads, the sudden drop or rise in altitude, the sheer brutality of how cool some of these roads are, only hits you when you arrive at your desitination and think back on what you just did , and how fast you did it in . I must say if i only had one wish right now, would be some leathers and my SP2.

    Last weekend i went to Pezinska Baba , its a massive hillclimb here in Slovakia, its a common road by day, but on the weekend the bike riders take the whole thing over (60-100bikes , run up the hill tahts bout 6kms long, all day long !!!!). What goes on here is off the hook. Firstly, the riders, and i mean a gread deal, id say 60% .... are total retarded wankers. Communism ruined their minds and Top Gun set in just a tad too hard. There is nothing like seeing 3 CBR900's and a ZX-6 doing about 90 in a 40 zone, without helmets and gloves, but ofcourse they have cool leather jackets and the compulsory top gun flight glasses, some Ray-Ban knockoff shizzat. They have NO idea what happens to the human when he or she slides down the road like that . The Harley and Hardley a Davidson (Virago's, Shadows, Intruders .. ) are the best. Them gay tassels from the bars, the Harley stickers on the Hardley's and the bandanna's remind me of the Village poeple. Again, helmets are a waste of time, heavy , unaerodynamic and not needed in their opinions. Of course, who am i to comment, what would i know.

    Im going to some amatuer racing / tuning show this weekend to let the 180 have some fun.However the fuel prices here suck arse... im paying about $1.80 or premium unleaded (95) quality, but thats all the 180 needs. Done up Jap cars here are few and far between, and pull a LOT of respect, especially since they now know what'drivting'is, the 180 gets more stares and people interest than a Lambo Murcilago in the middle of Freo on a saturday night . I wont even comment on it blowing flames between gears and on de-cell maps.

    I have a wireless net connection that gets me 256/128 speeds, and costs me around $40aud per month. The best part is that its unlimited. When i asked 'what does mean unlimited?' she replies 'download all you want, no limit ... 1mb , 20 , 1gig'. Hahha .. hmmm .... see they dont really know here what e-mule, limewire or even what a torrent is, so they dont often see the wrath of 24/7 WOT downloading . They shall . On a different entertainment note, Germans SHOULD NEVER RAP.Germans that are overweight, white and rap on MTV, not only shouldnt be there, but should be rolled up in a old rug, and set on fire. The producers of MTV should be next. I would add a few song names when i see em , but honestly i wouldnt want to waste your life with 3 mins of total and utter SHIT.

    Well its 5pm, sunny and i need to get to the workshop who helps us out, and do a service on the 180. On the final note, i think i have figured out why the females here are SO DAMN HOT, its in the water. Has to be. It cant be DNA. I have sore eyes.

    ok till next time.

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    You lucky BASTARD</span>

    <span style=\'color:blue\'>Good onya glad to see you are enjoying it... still trying to get work to send me to Europe.
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      I really don&#39;t like you very much right now.

      "Look wise guy, I know I'm a racer, I can feel it in my code."


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        fook me, that sounds enticing

        have fun mate


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          Noice Saf, sounds like fun over there, I bet you just posted this to rub it in to all us over here who are still working, bastard

          What mods has the 180 got on her?

          Dont forget to take some vids of that 180 in action, im expecting some noice sideways stints.

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            Well its 5pm, sunny and i need to get to the workshop who helps us out, and do a service on the 180. On the final note, i think i have figured out why the females here are SO DAMN HOT, its in the water. Has to be. It cant be DNA. I have sore eyes.
            Please bring back samples of said women.

            Have fun champ.


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              Sounds like you&#39;re having a blast!!

              Talk soon...
              Originally posted by vk6hgr
              My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                Originally posted by mattis@Aug 27 2005, 01:22 AM
                Noice Saf, sounds like fun over there, I bet you just posted this to rub it in to all us over here who are still working, bastard*

                What mods has the 180 got on her?

                Dont forget to take some vids of that 180 in action, im expecting some noice sideways stints.
                Hahahaa cheers guys. The 180 (CA18DET - my fav) is basic circuit spec, with more done to its ride than its power. It has a K&N, ATF bottle with holes in it as a air / oil separator (lol i loved that botch job), MINES VX ROM ecu, uprated side mounted intercooler, Exedy 9pad ceramic clutch, Cusco 1.5 way LSD (this is angry), Defi boost gauge, TRUST gearknob, Momo wheel (race), TRW Sabelt 4pt Harness&#39;, KYB AGX 2 way adj shocks, Eibach Pro springs, Nismo bushes, EBC green pads and Ronal 16"wheels. Its a little champ, i just did some big figure 8&#39;s and some drift in a abondoned railroad carpark with some mates, ill have some pix after the weekend. The handbrake and right foot work so well with that car

                Tommorow im off to a big tuning show to race the 180 in 1/4 mile and slalom events. More pix as they arrive.


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                  sounds like you are really having a hard time enjoying yourself over there!!!!!
                  what is this a business or holiday trip?
                  I have driven in Germany on the Outobahn&#39;s there, fekkin INSANE, I was in a Golf, hey don&#39;t laugh, it wasn&#39;t ya average Golf, doin about 180+, thinkin this is mad, then a bloody BUS passes me like I&#39;m standin still!!!! jeesus!! anyhoo have fun stay safe.

                  Originally posted by Red_is_Best
                  hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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                    good to hear your having fun, and I gotta agree with you on those babes!!
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                      I see you stole my ironing board and put on your car... can you iron a shirt for me

                      anyhoot... got one word for ya Saf....


                      lucky one that is... hope your having an awesome trip dude....


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                        good to see you are enjoying yourself sunshine...... gotta love the czech and slovakian chicks, they travelling in packs still?


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                          nice one saf, good to see ya biggin it up aii!

                          Cant wait for the euro 05 vid.


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                            Well its been a eventful couple weeks ..... ive raced , annoyed cops and been in hospital. The racing part was the autotuning event held on a military airport in Trencin, about a hour twenny north of where im living, so not long after i take off, cops stop me, i hear them talking about raping me for the lack of fwy sticker i have .... and i hand over my aussie passport, drivers lic, inter drivers lic and a snug sounding "Hey there officer ..... " (in english) , one turns to the other and says "This is bullshit .... what do we do ?.... i dont need this shit at 5:45am" and on my way i went. Its so cool to know two languages and choose when you want to use them

                            So im now at the races .... mind twisting. We in Perth, have never seen anything like it, 2600 cars entered for racing, show and shine etc , then the visitors/spectators and the cars they bring etc etc , it was a sea of metal (and some plastic trabants). Tents, alcohol, camp fires, cars , babes, topless airbrushed babes (when they paint tops on em) walking around doing promo, sound off events, bikini events, 400m and 1000m (yes 1km) Super Drag events along with autocross around witches hats.

                            I raced 3 races, won 2 in the 1000m drag (was awesome - the rush just keeps on going and going), out of 200 (+/-) combined racers i finished 18th, that was great but it was the autocross where i really wanted to un-hinge and was psyched out by the fact they have no barriers, and the fact that people stand on the edge of the runway, and the track went right to it, i just thought .... one stuck throttle or a slip of the foot, and people are trashed. I refused to do it and resisted peer pressure and weak ass comments from mates, and then 10 mins later this happened.....

                   (click top link)

                            Anywho.... on the way home i may have claimed to be the first person to do a one handed 720 in the 180sx in the middle of the fwy between Bratislava and Nitra.

                            So then on the monday my body decides that a bladder infection is what it needs now. Damn crippleness. So from that it goes to massive nerve end pain as it poisons the blood, fevers (feeling cold tho) to more pain all over now, to stomach shutdown no food or fluids held down , at what point the doctor said i have 2 days to live before i poison and dehydrate myself to death, at what point i get admitted to hospital where i get drips and a welcome stay. Former communist state hospitals arent what they have cracked up to be ...... you really know that your in hospital .... whew. Im all better now, serously drips kick arse ... im going to make up some excuse to have one done a year, i now know how a engine feels after a oil change. My mate Noah arrives from the US on saturday morning, so no doubt more stupid car shit will happen, until then i have a vid you may enjoy that i put together last night.



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                              Saf dude sounds like you&#39;re having a great time.

                              What is with that link however? It&#39;s like some crackdown on organised crime or something?