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Needa borrow a bike helmet??!!

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  • Needa borrow a bike helmet??!!

    Hey guys... well mainly girls i guess, My mum (who is totally bike illiterate) is going on the back of my dad's bike for a fair trek for a couple of weeks wehn they go to alice springs... prob is, tho she has borrowed a helmet it is huge on her and if any happened(god forbid) I think it'd do nothing more than fly off or fall apart!

    I'd give her mine... but she won't wear a closed face one cause she gets claustrophobic. I know it's a big ask, but does anyone have a really small (like my size head... if you've met me!) open face helmet she can borrow for a couple of weeks??

    I appreciate your help

    love meisha
    Meisha.... Personal Trainer.... And Lovin it!!!

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    I've got an old crap black jobby, It's small but has been around for many yrs. If you get desperate, PM me and she can use it.
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      the danger with using a big helmet isnt just that it can fly off, but that it can twist the neck quite badly in an accident.
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        Sorry don&#39;t wear open face lids ....
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          I have a large open face with visor, but sounds like that will be too big for your Mum...

          You may have already considered this, but you can buy a new open face for under $100 - that way you will know that it fits well, is not used and hasn&#39;t been dropped. I tried some &#39;cheap&#39; open face helmets on at Helmet House - they were really very comfy (for my shaped head in any case).
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