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    Just been up to the NT for a holiday for a few weeks and thought I'd share some happy snaps if you're interested.

    Katherine Gorge # 1 (here's the moon for those who haven't seen it lately):

    Katherine Gorge # 2:

    Katherine Gorge # 3 (awsome area to be - would be a spectacular sight in the wet):

    Some Aboriginal rock art (some of it is reported to be 20,000 years old):

    Never smile at a crocodile:

    One of the many waterfalls we saw (Sandy Creek Falls):

    Me on top of Ubirr Rock (Part of the first Crocodile Dundee was filmed on this rock ... we rented the movie out when we got back for fun and giggles):

    There were some fantastic sunsets:

    Hope you are all jealous ... I'd much prefer to be back up there than in this crappy weather ... it was 32° every day ... lurvley!

    I would loved to have had the bike up there ... no speed limits and some pretty fun roads too.

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    I used to live in Katherine and its all so-so after a while and heat sux.

    But I loved the open speed limits.
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      Nitmiluk gorge, cool, how about Litchfield Park etc up Darwin way, WANGI falls was always the best place to cool off.

      Open limits were great... except for that time I thought I was seeing things, when I could have sworn it was a big grey elephant in the middle of the road... turned out to be a bloody big buff covered in grey mud, still scared the crap out of me at speed...

      And for those that reckon the OLD old old Suzukis had crap brakes... the old Katana managed to pull up with room to spare. (But it was close)
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        Yeah, went all through Litchfield, Nitmiluk and Kakadu ... twas very good.


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          nice, was in darwin two weeks ago and the warm weather sure is nice compared to Perth.
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