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  • dodgy (car) mechanic alert

    Yesterday I had to drive my cage down to Canning Vale from Morley, for a job interview. As I turned onto Bannister Rd I saw my temperature guage suddenly shoot up. I pulled over as quickly as I could so I didn't cook the engine, right into the Caltex servo* at 60 Bannister Rd, Canning Vale.

    I looked over, and luckily there was a mechanic attached to the servo, so I got out and saw water pissing out of my water pump. I wandered in, and asked the mechanic to take care of it for me, just to fix the pump, as I was in good clothes and didn't have time (or transport) to fix it myself. Sounds alright so far...

    Until today when I got a phone call from him, saying it was ready, and the total would be just over $500! He quoted me ludicroud prices on parts, then gave some BS story about every single bolt snappping, so he had to drill them out, which was an extra 2 hours labour blah blah.

    I smelt a rat, so a quick call to repco gave me prices of $48 for water pump, $19 for timing belt (which I didn't even ask to be changed), and $16 for fan belt. He quoted me $98 for pump, and $30 each for belts (and of course his trade price is below what I pay retail).

    So I ask you guys, how does < $100 of parts suddenly turn into $500+. Surely the labour is a bit excessive. I was expecting $300 tops, but this has completely blown me away.

    I haven&#39;t been in to pay him yet, but when I do I&#39;ll be asking for full details, invoices from suppliers etc etc. Any ideas what else I can do? I think this guy saw a man in nice clothes, who lived 30km away, and decided to go to town. The car is an old piece of shit, I could have replaced the whole thing for 500 fucking dollars.

    * I have no problem with the people in the servo, just the mechanic that shares the same building.
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    It should have been around $370 for that car. The timing belt drives the water pump so that needs to be changed. You should have walked accross the road next to SCA. Next door is Midas. I hate pricks who rip off people. It just gives us who run service centres honestly a bad name as well.


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      most quotes to replace the water pump on my honda are in the $400-$500 range

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        bummer, hate ppl like that. Most mechanics I&#39;ve dealt with make a point of phoning you to tell you whats wrong and how much it&#39;s going to cost to fix it and to confirm going ahead with the job. Sounds like this guy thought he smelled easy money and ran with it. That said tho, ask him what he did and what parts he used etc. Unfortunately, sometimes lots of little things add up to alot.


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          mm sounds super dodge!

          there is a mark up on parts ie you pay more for a part at a mechanic than retail but $500 is stupid

          i think the problem is a quote was not given.. ie if a quote is given (Courts should back me up on this ) any extra labour ie IF those bolts snapped will be included

          if those bolts snapped he would need new ones have alook and see if they are new!
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            timing belt dont need doing but may be fan belt but not always i still refuse to use mechanics for my cars but then again its a holden doesnt need fixing ....hey DISCO


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              Always get the quote in writing before any mechanic touches your car/bike/boat!


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                Originally posted by kshzx9@Sep 21 2005, 08:03 PM
                i still refuse to use mechanics for my cars but then again its a holden doesnt need fixing ....hey DISCO*
                so ho wmany holdens do u have that are NOT on the rd and running again what is it 4?
                and what CAR ( not bike ) do u take to work when needed and did not break?
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                  They should of rang you definetly!!!!!
                  Written quotes are horseshit, they never mean anything unless you take them to court and for most its not worth the hassle.

                  Depends what happened to the water pump, it may of screwed the belts, if it has a small rip or anything it could break and theyd be at fault cos you said fix it! I cant see it so i cant tell ya but if the car is old they just might of had to drill the bolts out. Labour is usually the biggest cost and depends what parts they used, if genuine, god knows why they would use genuine, it would cost twice as much.

                  If you make a point of saying you want to see the old parts, most of the time they wont do a dodge.

                  Not defending them, just working in a shop makes you realise things can appear alright but underneath be rooted and cost major $$$. Today an Astra with 60,000 kms cost 600 just to fix the brakes. Genuine only pads, new sensors, skim the discs and labour all adds up.

                  btw anyone reading, never buy an astra, barina or vectra. Opel make shit cars!


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                    Thanks for the replies guys. I have a good mechanic I normally go to, but it&#39;s a long long way from canning vale to malaga when your car wont hold any water.

                    I&#39;ll be heading down there on Tuesday, and will give him as hard a time as I can. Unfortunately, I really don&#39;t know what I can do about things, but I&#39;ll sure as hell be trying.
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                      omg, I have an interweb stalker!

                      I really do feel special now.
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                        Originally posted by cYcLoNe@Oct 31 2005, 12:00 AM

                        if thats Karma for whatever barfridge has done, I would hate to see whats waitin around the corner 4 you cYcLoNe...........

                        good mechanics are pretty hard to come by... mine is in joondalup and he is one of my old mans piss buddies from school so he&#39;s good, real good...


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                          barfridge...have you got your car back or is it still in the shop.

                          if still in the shop take a huge mate and a digital camera and take heaps of snaps of his shop and tell him where they will be posted to and give him the web address to find them.

                          i used the camera threat when i got ripped off with my last car and amazingly the price plummetted for "pr" reasons
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                            I&#39;ll have a look at your car if want.

                            I don&#39;t know anything about cars, but I&#39;ll over charge you, run up a few hundred km&#39;s on the clock on it and you&#39;ll probably get it back in worse condition. And all your parking money from the ashtray will be gone too.

                            I figured if people can start business on this basis well why can&#39;t I?
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                              *providing you know what to do*

                              Buy the parts from repco. Go down there, ask him to remove all parts that he has fixed and return the vehicle. Repair it yourself and dont pay him a cent.

                              He can hold the car as a "lien" if there are parts in the vehicle that he has provided but must return the vehicle if you ask him to remove those parts and there is a payment dispute.