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  • For the Halo / XBOX nerds out there

    Sent to me from a friend.

    Jackson gets new blockbuster project
    Oscar-winning New Zealand director Peter Jackson and his screenwriter wife Fran Walsh have been signed as executive producers of a multimillion-dollar special effects-driven film version of the Halo video game.
    Work is to begin immediately on the film which is based on the Microsoft Corporation's best-selling sci-fi video game.
    Jackson's Miramar studios, including his new Stone Street Studios, visual effects companies Weta Digital and Weta Workshop and post-production facility Park Road Post will be used for the filming.
    Microsoft founder Bill Gates described Jackson as "one of Hollywood's most exciting innovators". "We're confident he'll create an epic," he said.
    Halo will be a shot in the arm for Wellington's economy as it is likely to employ several hundred people.
    Jackson's The Lovely Bones is the only other Hollywood film scheduled to be filmed in the New Zealand capital in the next two years.
    Halo backers Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and Gates' Microsoft have yet to announce its budget. But they said it would be more than the estimated $US70 million ($A92 million) Universal spent adapting another sci-fi video game Doom to the big screen.
    No details were announced on what Jackson and Walsh would be paid, but Variety magazine said yesterday it believed they could get as much as $US9 million ($A11.7 million).
    Filming will take place in May and June next year and, as with The Lord of the Rings, it will include locations outside Wellington. It will be released in mid-2007 and is touted as one of the biggest films of the year.
    Halo is the first big-budget film in which the Oscar-winning Jackson is executive producer and is a sign of his clout in Hollywood since his success with The Lord of the Rings.
    The film's director will be announced in the next few weeks and its stars at a later date.
    "As a gaming fan, I'm excited to bring Halo's premise, action and settings to the screen," Jackson said.
    "Fran and I are intrigued by the unique challenges this project offers . . . I'm a huge fan of the game and look forward to helping it come alive on the cinema screen."
    Jackson, busy completing King Kong, was not available for further comment.
    Microsoft will be paid $US5 million ($A6.5 million) and 10 per cent of United States box office sales for Halo.

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    The Halo movie should be released when Halo 3 is released next year for xbox 360. Try kill off PS3 sales i guess

    There is also a Doom Movie that is being released on the 27th this Month.
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      Originally posted by Halo_2@Oct 9 2005, 07:37 PM
      The Halo movie should be released when Halo 3 is released next year for xbox 360. Try kill off PS3 sales i guess

      There is also a Doom Movie that is being released soon this year.
      doom movie?????????????????


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        Originally posted by booze@Oct 10 2005, 07:52 AM
        doom movie?????????????????
        Yeah, it's starring the Rock and from what the goss around the internet is, as substantial portion of the film is in first person perspective.

        IMDB entry

        Even if it is tacky, it's a must see If i want to maintain my title of 'geek'


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          The ROCK, the peoples champ, in Da house. DOOM is going to be awesome.
          Well i suppose if they want to make this Halo movie a success, they have gone about it the right way by hireing one of the greatest directors of all time. Lord of the rings speaks for itself.
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            I don't really see how Halo could make a good movie, like Master Chief has no one to talk to cos he works solo and stuff. But I'll see it regardless!
            Why can't they make the whole bike out of Oggy?