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"Let The People Decide How Much Safety Is Enough"

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  • "Let The People Decide How Much Safety Is Enough"

    I know this is preaching to the converted, but it's nice to read this sort of thing sometimes.

    Let The People Decide How Much Safety Is Enough - Menzies House
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    The lower the speed limit - the higher the $$$ in fines.
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      at the end of the day, people always will

      There was an article in a recent bike mag where they were citing studies about ABS brakes and seat belts not impacting incident rates, when you make things safer, the larger comfort zone permits riskier behaviour, they had some behavioral term for it

      for example, stick valentino rossi on his race bike with no armor or helmet and his lap times will be much slower.

      strongly enforce artificially low limits to force people to travel slower and they will trade one risk for another ie: drive closer together more aggressively ect.
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        perceived level of risk: we get comfortable with the 'feel' of a certain amount of danger. Reduce that feeling and we have a tendency to change our behaviour to regain that 'feel' of riskiness.
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