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Seppos customer service declining to Perth levels??

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  • Seppos customer service declining to Perth levels??

    I'm in the market for a few bits for my bike, about 900 bucks worth + shipping. I've contacted 3 reputable motorcycle houses ( one's a sponsor on here who I'm currently waiting on an order that they've sent, another I have very recently bought stuff from, so it's not like I'm an unknown tyrekicker ), and none of them have even acknowledged with a reply after 2 weeks. I understand that they are more than likely parts that they don't keep on the shelf as they are low turnover items, but they can't even get back to me and say "we'll have to check availablilty and pricing and get back to you".

    So I'm trying other outfits now. Basically there are only a couple of manufactuers of what I want, and lots of shops that have / can get those items. So whoever responds first will get my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and will get my business in the future. In this day and age I find it hard that people cannot be bothered to get off their arse to take your money off you.

    It's getting increasingly hard to get any help these days, let alone good help.