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What are your dream cars?

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  • What are your dream cars?

    Yes this is a motorcycle forum but most people on here can also appreciate a nice 4-wheeled what are your dream cars? Post up pics for us

    I'll start off with a few of mine..

    Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur
    A lot of people of people see skylines as more "jap crap", and tbh I don't like the more common spec skylines, but this particular model is definitely a favourite of mine

    Shelby GT500
    One of the most beautiful cars of all time

    Zenvo ST1
    Okay not exactly a dream car seeing as I don't know too much about it, but this thing just looks beastly

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    PSB. Come for the bikes. Stay for the Lulz.

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    I've got to agree with you on the R34 GTR V-Spec II, much love for these!


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        The Yamaha OX99-11

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          Yeah, I've got a thing for classics.

          It's a concept but looks stunning...


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            Lexus LFA
            :aus-salute: Yer thats ULTIMATE :aus-salute:

            Originally Posted by lobes89 View Post
            Yea I like the bike but it's hard to get my foot under the brake lever


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              Sunbeam Alpine.
              Originally posted by Ferris
              I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

              Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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                Nothing exotic for me. Was very close to going halves with a mate in one of these but it was only a 253 so we didnt bother. $2,500 from a caryard.

                Forgot this

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                  It used to be a realistic dream car, but now, somewhat baffling, a 911 has filled that role.
                  Here's my first lotto win purchase:

                  retarded money for these unfortuantly.
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                    Dream cars are:

                    Audi R8
                    2010 BMW M3

                    An R34 GTR is a nice car but I wouldnt buy that car if I was spending that sort of money..
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                      Datsun 240z

                      (Previously owned a 260z, would still have it if it werent for the price of petrol)


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                        Easy question for me - Dodge Viper ACR
                        Click image for larger version

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                          TVR Cerbera Speed 12...pity there was only one made. 7.7 litre with enough bhp to break the dyno it was tested on...droool

                          Bugatti Veyron Supersport


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                            Nothing has ever given me more of a tingle in my manly bits than this:

                            Simply the most beautiful car ever made. And goes as well as it looks.
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                              AC Cobra for me

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