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Need Advice on Finding the right welder

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  • Need Advice on Finding the right welder

    Hello All, I am lookin to purchase a plasma/tig unit hopefully all in one but the big companies are a little to much for me right now...does anyone know where to find a good reliable affordable welding machine or where to start looking? Thanks

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    boc gases maybe
    lincoln welders are good to
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      Gentronics. They have some good specials too, I bought my inverter from there, and my mate bought his AC/DC inverter from there too. Mines a Cigweld, pretty impressed with it for the price. I had a Fronius(?) before, best inverter I've ever used, could not source it over here though. Got stolen. Depending what you want it for, or more to the point what thickness of metal you're wanting to cut, might be better off getting two separate units. Assuming stainless, does the Tig have to do Ali as well?
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        thanks alot for the suggestions guys but i have already purchased and received my unit from a company named longevity, after doing some research i have decided to go with them because of there warranty and customer service and the machine isn't to bad also so check it out and let me know what you think....

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          Thread resurrection time.

          I'm looking at doing a bit of work with mostly 3mm wall RHS framing and have options:
          1. Borrow the old man's welder;
          2. Buy a cheapie old school 120 or 140 MMA for $50 from here, gumtree etc;
          3. Go a little harder on a 140A or 200A inverter;
          4. Spend a bit more and get a 3-in-1 MMA/TIG/plasma cutter.

          Now let's get something clear: it's going to weld maybe 10 joints, then sit in the shed for two years until I need it for something else. So I'm not going to blow over a grand on it - if I go for the inverter it will be one of the cheap ones. The smart move would be to borrow one on the occasion I need to use it, I know. But if I can pick up a TIG/MMA for a couple of hundred (say a bit over $300 by the time I get a slag hammer and replace my old helmet with an LCD), how shit is it going to be for occasional use?

          If I'm only doing maybe up to 8mm (and usually only 3mm) thick am I going to care about the 140A vs 200A?

          Is it worth the extra $100-$150 to get a plasma torch on it - or am I better off just sticking to cut-off wheels on the grinder?

          No interest in MIG - my last welder was a Gentronics shipped due-mig and I ended up giving it away because I usually spent more time setting the fucking thing up than doing the job at hand. It seemed crazy having a mig sitting there and borrowing the old man's MMA to get stuff done quickly

          :edit: just found this thread too:

          And maybe 200A is out of my reach anyway, it needs to run from (at max) a 15A socket and preferably a standard GPO.

          :edit again: Mostly for mild steel but I'd like to be able to use it to lern2tig ali and stainless too. Already have a gas account, another bottle wouldn't be a big issue.
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