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Gimpy needs a new(er) cage

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  • Gimpy needs a new(er) cage

    Think this is the right spot for this.

    It’s still 8 months till my R’s ‘n’ i’m more than likely going to be working back in Perth sooner then later, be that i work in a white collar role jumping on the VTR might not be particularly suitable for client visits/general presentation etc etc (yes i will still have plenty of $$$ to buy a bike that will annihilate any car i purchase)^_^

    I currently own a ’91 Nissan NX coupe that got a few mods, but at over 250KMS on the clock and in need of panel repairs/new paint job etc to get it looking smick will certainly cost more than it’s worth.

    So with that in mind i’m seeking a new(er) cage.

    I’m a big fan of hot hatches/coupes as work doesn’t require any particular luggage space and i don’t have any kids the actual size of it doesn’t particular matter (hell if i could afford an Aerial Atom i’d get one of those epic rides). If Nissan had bothered to continue with their coupes i’d just buy a new one of them, for build quality and reliability they’ve always been the best IMO.

    Looking towards turbos, in general just looking for something that’s a hoot to drive and not some boring family car.

    *added* Must be manual and within the same kind of power output as the NX, (2lt, 120HP, 1/4 time of 15.5, not blisteringly quick but fun all the same)

    Looking at around 1998 onwards, however it seems most cars got boring from 2000 onwards

    What been looking at within my price range

    Nissan Stagea /180/200sx / SSS pulsars
    Mitsi RVR Hypersport R – decked out with evo3 gear, sounds madballz
    Toyo – Celica/MR2 upto ’99,the mr2’s seem to be well overpriced
    WRX – most around the 2000 mark seem to have done
    Golf GTI, older ones

    One’s i’ve been drooling over that seem to pricey

    Civic/Integra Type R

    Price range i’m looking at is upto $10K, with no more than 150KMs, no V8’s, i like light, nimble, agile cars, not one’s that turn like boats

    If anyone’s got any suggestions or knows of any of the above that’s a bargain (i troll gumtree pretty much daily) by all means, or if there’s any of the above you just wouldn’t touch due to them being of poor quality/blowing up/know lemonfactor problems

    Bear in mind i won’t touch any Korean ‘cheepeeneeze’ cars like hyundui/seat/daewooo/kia etc, not really a big fan on Holden’s or fords either

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    For around 10k you won't get anything near a 99 model Silvia/180sx have you seen thro's 180 he's trying to sell (well I still think it's for sale) I'd highly suggest you look at that it's got some nice tasteful mods that'll keep you happy for awhile
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      Look at something carrying a French badge if you want a small hatch that turns. The Japanese simply don't do hot hatches well. You can get a decent 206 gti in the price rangeyou have mentioned and althought they are not the quickest thing out there in a straight line, they have fantastic handling and steering feel. If your not too worried about the cost of parts and servicing, an e36 3 series is in that price bracket also.
      I would strike the Golf gti off that list as well, because it wasn't until the series 5 (2007+) that they got their mojo back.
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        I have a Prelude at the moment, they are priced at about $10k, Pretty nice looking, handle well, comfortable sports coupe. Basically an NA FWD silvia, still have 200bhp though I really have enjoyed this car, it is often overlooked for integras or whatever.

        Skyline GT-STs go a bit cheap nowadays, and yes the MR2s are overpriced :S and they all have about 200,000kms +

        Theres a very pretty r32 GTR in carsales if you can stretch the budget to $14k - 1989 NISSAN SKYLINE GTR BNR32 Private Cars For Sale in WA -


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          Should be able to pick up a nice S14 (97-99ish) for 10k if you shop around. If you like the nissan hatches they made the SSS N14 hatch until 98-00, good looking car with plenty of room, it has the same non turbo 2.0l the NX has which is a great reliable motor with reasonable power... should be under 10k these days as well.

          Forget about cheap GTR's


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            Maybe a nissan pulsar GTIR


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              ^ There was a project import GTIR Pulsar for sale in success on gumtree not long ago.
              If there the sort of cars your looking at, Look at a VR4 Sedan, May really be up your ally


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                Rodger: Was looking at frenchies Arvo, i should have put ‘must be around the same sort of power as the NX (which i’ve done now) those gti’s are so so but they’re also abit slow from what i’ve seen, I DID however find a Renault Clio Sport – 2lt with 125kw with reasonable km’s for $7K – all others in its age bracket were floating around $10K, will certainly look at this one

                BB6- i want a 1998 ONWARDS, not some demonic old Nissan (i know GTR’s are mad an all.....when your 17)

                HDK – Yep been looking at both of those, even saw a turbo ’99 SSS for $9K a few months back, got put off by it’s stock rims, lack of suspension modifications and the fact it was at a dealer, thought $9K was bloody cheap considering the redbook price was around $7K for the standard ones, most of the other SSS’s i’ve seen have too many clicks, if they’re anything like the NX they’d be reliable as though – just have to make sure that they carry the SR20DE and not the newer piece of snot engine they put in them

                Junkie: That was the first car i wanted pretty much (when i looked in a jap import shop)...they don’t however make them anywhere close to the year 1998!

                Bull – the Legnum you mean? Twin turbo mitsi that costs too much, nice but outside of the price range, would prolly prefer a Stagea and they don’t come in a manual (or very rarely)


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                  The WRX is a fun car, and if you get the GC8 Body (upto 2001 I believe), you'll have one of the nicest looking rides.

                  Theyre comfortable, you can slam them into corners, the turbo lag isn't too bad on them either, and they have good engines.

                  I own an 05 WRX and I regret buying it, no, there is nothing wrong with it, yes, it's a bucketload of fun, and yes it does give a fair few v8's a run for their money, but, the only reason I regret it, is the fact that it's just not as nice as the older model.

                  Otherwise, look at r33 GTS-T Skylines, RWD, 2.6L (I think?) Straight 6's, decent power, and can slide them out , can pick them up for about 10-12k I believe?
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                    How much can you get Legnum's / Caldinas for these days? Legnum is a lancer wagon with a 2.5L TTV6 and 4wd, and the caldina is basically a Celica GT4 wagon. Both were relatively cheap a few years back.

                    Or you could look at a chaser, maybe an aristo - bit more luxo barge, but shitloads of power std.


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                      WrX's in my pricerange all seem to have well over 200KMS,

                      Legnums float around $13K+ and i'm pretty sure they're more built on the magna chassis then a lancer!
                      Caldina think i've seen $11K+, but that was the import price, havn't seen any for sale but i dare say they'd be more than i'm looking at.

                      The chasers/aristo's cost around the same $13K+ the only one's ive seen cheaper are too old/high kms and handle like a boat


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                        Mazda MX5. You can pick up a 99-01 model for between $10-13K. They can be had for that price. Just slightly higher mileage and bargain hard.
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                          I looked at them a few years ago 'n' was keen, untill i realised i don't cut hair for a living


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                            Originally posted by ashmo View Post
                            For around 10k you won't get anything near a 99 model Silvia/180sx have you seen thro's 180 he's trying to sell (well I still think it's for sale) I'd highly suggest you look at that it's got some nice tasteful mods that'll keep you happy for awhile
                            Get in touch with Thro (his user name on here). He has his 180 for sale, coil overs, 310rwHp, etc. Lots of mods to it and from memory under your budget.


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                              let me get this straight

                              you want a car newer than 1998, less than 150,000kms, preferably turbo and less than $10k

                              I think one or more of your criteria is going to need revising. Or maybe just start trolling through the manheim fowles listings.
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