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Awesome New KFC Burger

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  • Awesome New KFC Burger

    KFC are finally releasing the fabled Double Down burger in Australia/WA:

    New burger without buns - The West Australian

    I've announced my utter elation to all my vegan friends on Facebook, who were less impressed than me and strangely don’t seem to appear on my friends list anymore. Personally I think it looks horrifyingly delicious, what do you guys think?

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    Fuck yeah!


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      Oh god no. Those things killed me once!

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        looks like a hang over cure to me!


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          mmmm double down burger


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            Go team news!

            BOT, I think I may have to sample this offering.

            Strictly for research purposes only of course.
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              I'm gonna b all over that, good to see that they r not afraid to give us what we want in this day and age . . .go KFC!!!


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                Fuck yeah, I'll be arguing with the Colonel tomorrow night.

                And how.
                Originally posted by Melkor
                The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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                  Originally posted by Desmo View Post
                  Fuck yeah!
                  Sorry mate, it's aimed at young men...
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                    "As one of the 'manliest' burgers around, KFC is marking the launch with a Month of ManTime in which Australian men are encouraged to enjoy and spend more time with their mates.

                    "Beginning March 30 ... this one-month celebration couldn't have come at a better time. New research reveals 91 per cent of Australian males look forward to ManTime. Yet men who are married or in a relationship are less likely to say they get enough ManTime than men who are single.

                    "Even more interestingly, 'bromance' is alive and well in Australia with one in five men saying they'd rather have ManTime than sex."

                    I need to enhance my manTime.


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                      DOWN BURGER?

                      Jacky approves!
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                        You can order the double down burger tonight..... official release tomorrow but if you go to KFC they will make one up for you.


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                          TASTES SO GOOD, MAKE YOU WANNA SLAP YO MAMMA.

                          Seriously though, a mate of mine posted up the cross section after he'd taken a couple of bites:

                          I don't know if I wanna eat it or stick my dick in it.
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                            Bugger, just started homemade fish&chips . . .have to wait to tommorrow


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                              Oh fuck yeah.

                              Kfc in cooma ftw

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