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  • Car Nuts - Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Yes Yes i know we are a bike forum, But i do know some of us are into our cars aswell

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    Got a mate doing a conversion on a wh l67 statesman to an ls2 v8.
    The problem is on the fuel side, It turns over, can fire spraying fuel down the Throttle body, But the line and fuel setup is a bit different.

    Researched it up, Need to buy a fuel pressure regulator - 3 port job to be able to get up to 58 psi, Then using the 3 port regulator we can plumb a return line off the pipes that are already there.

    So the main question. Where in Perth is the best place to buy a Fuel Pressure Regulator?

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    3 port regs are an uncommon part. You'll likely have to order one in especially for the job.

    Thunder Performance in Cockburn would be your best bet for getting the right parts.

    9414 9100.
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