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where do you buy Rock Fishing safety gears. - Aust Salmon are comming!

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  • where do you buy Rock Fishing safety gears. - Aust Salmon are comming!

    G'day all.

    for you fishing fans out there where can I get some rock fishing safety gears such as rock anchers and fishing life vest in Perth.

    Do you recommend any shops?

    last Sunday I've fishing off sugarloaf rocks at dunsbrough and thinking man if there was freak wave come and I am gone... and no one would know if I was even there @ 7am.

    so to be safe than sorry.

    I've caught Australian barracuda aka Snook on that day.

    safety tips

    thank you all

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    Hmm, I probably will be heading down in a few weeks myself, will probably spend most of my time offshore or on the beach though. Had a look at the rock formations down there, while it looks like it could pay off, have a few questions on it, as well as those asked by the OP.

    Firstly, noticed at a couple of locations there are old metal poles in the rocks, one I looked at didn't strike me as being very stable (moved when I pushed it), how safe are you tying yourself to these? or are you better off getting other safety gear?

    Other question is regards to the rigs, what sort of rigs to you run to stop fouling on the rocks when retrieving? I've tried weightless tailer rigs around some of the rocky beaches near Duns but still manage to lose some gear when retrieving..
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      When and where are you going to be down this way? I'm living in busso and can't wait to get out for some salmon. Went for a drive down to hamelin bay on friday and that looks like it will be worth an overnight stay.


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        We go chasing the salmon in dunsborough every year. The best way is by boat, u just chase the school up and down the coast. The best way is with lures. Large blue halco bobbers, they go nuts for them.

        My mate lives in quindalup, we use the boat ramp there as it is usual quieter but Easter is crazy either way. Then head over to Eagle Bay area looking for the schools. They are schooling fish, so you will attract the odd rogue one with bait and may get one out of a passing school, but if your in it for the fight (we don't keep any of them as they taste like shit) you can literally catch dozens each out of the same school till you loose them or get bored.

        There are ways to treat them to eat them but I would rather catch a feed of whiting, squid or crab. All abundant down that way.

        If you go by boat pm me and I will let u know a secret.

        Oh yeah will be down in about two weeks during the week.
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          Well my cousin has a holiday house in Duns, and we (My cousin and another mate) try get down there as much as we can for a fish. Normally we hire a dingy to take out on the water. This time though we are thinking of asking my girlfriends Dad down, and well... He has a 5.2m boat on a trailer, will be down there during the Easter break no doubt.

          We also do a spot of beach fishing off Elmore road, good for Herring and the occasional Tailer but these days we are wanting to chase something else.


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            Most tackle or boat shops sell life jackets, the inflatable one work great, If you go in the drink just pull the cord and it will inflate.
            wear good footwear, sandshoes with plates on them,(serrated teeth) work well, I havent seen anyone wearing them here in the west though,
            get a reef pick,attach a rope and theres your anchor point, just wedge it into the rocks, Oh ! tie the rope to you.
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              ok its not big big but one from this morning I got to Bunker Bay at 7am until 3pm. allday this is what we got...

              It was good day.
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                Nice fish mate
                Come for a visit and I'll take you out chasing tuna.


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                  Originally posted by Desmo View Post
                  Nice fish mate
                  Come for a visit and I'll take you out chasing tuna.
                  Wow that is offer I just can not refuse! I will hold you to that
                  thanks Desmo.

                  kind regards


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                    Good luck this weekend fella's, about to head down and can't wait to throw my first line in.